Twisted Minds - Underground Reviews

Extreme Horror Cinema is one of the greatest horror- and underground film forums, created by Woodenheart together with her friend Splat.

Unearthed Films a U.S. film distribution company created by Stephen Biro, Paul White and Rhett Rushing. Mostly focusing on exploitation- and underground films.

Film Bizarro one of these review-pages we have followed the longest. You'll find everything from arthouse, drama to splatter and cheesy 80's classic and grindhouse. A great mix which we strongly recommend.

Black Lava Entertainment the most disturbing movie distribution company that can be found in Austria. Focuses on violence in combination with dark art.

Insomnia Collectibles a niche' entertainment store for rare and/or collectible items as well as things that may seem impossible to find. They stock independent films, limited or special edition versions of movies, specialty box sets, unique decor and house wares, and collectible toys.

Massacre Video is a distribution company from U.S. primarily focus on classic horror, exploitation and mondo, but you'll also found some extreme oddballs from all over the world.

Martin Trafford Traffart is one of the most loyal and hardworking illustrators we have ever collaborated with. Superb on everything he does and should get more attention. Go visit him!

Last Exit Entertainment is a careful company from Sweden, who carefully picks out their titles with a very fresh taste of cinematic art.

Four Twenty Films is a YouTube-channel where Christopher Bouchie and Crack Sizzlack from King of the Witches Home Video watching low-budget horror films and reviewing it.

Underground Gorellectors Films is a German label, founded by Daniel Koehnen. Strictly limited releases of Underground Horror & Splatter Movies. All Releases will come in big VHS Softboxes with exclusive VHS Retro Cover Artworks.