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fredag 8 februari 2019

SPIT (2019)

Directed by: Akiko Janos
Written by: Akiko Janos | Excessive Menace
Stars:  Edie Sixx, Felicia Fisher, Lulu Sparkle, Jaime, Felina Rae

Country:  USA
Style: Extreme | Short
Runtime: 26min

Pretty fresh on the underground film scene, indie company A Baroque House have been breaking necks and ripping off eyelids with a couple of their short extreme art entries. Comprised of some familiar faces and names A Baroque House have found their niche in the extreme fetish market of films. Inspired by the many Japanese pain/fetish titles which are numerous in scope and possibly material similar to that of Lucifer Valentine (Vomit Gore Trilogy).

Clocking in under 30 minutes Spit opens with a quote from The Marquis De Sade. Spit then makes its way through a number of chapters featuring different tattooed female performers partaking in extreme fetish play. We get a lot of forced gagging and vomiting induced usually by the performers forcing hands and fingers down the throats of their cohorts. There is some blood fetish play also featured along with masturbation. Spit is shot well and the dark industrial style soundtrack adds another layer of demonizing terror to the mix sprinkled with an occaisional dose of death/black metal.

Spit comes in after an earlier production A Baroque House did titled Red Tragedy. From what I understand Red Tragedy was similar in theme and spectrum but features a woman slowly mutilating herself sexually in a symphony of red blood splatter. Inspired by the Japanese title Womens Flesh: My Red Guts and some blood fetish titles such as Lady In A Sea Of Blood which feature familiar scenarios.

As I write this the Spit dvd's are off to be printed so definitely keep an eye out for its official release. I was fortunate enough to get an early screener to partake in its sickening and stimulating content. A Baroque House seem to be doing well with their films thus far by peaking interest and getting some decent sales in the pre-ordering stages. From what I have noticed around social media people are enjoying the material and are on board for the releases.

Anyone with a taste for extreme low budget fetish cinema will definitely find the films rewarding. This niche market seems to be alive and well and hopefully the company keeps picking up more momentum as time goes on. Spit is a trip down the deep dark wormhole of extreme experimental fetish film making.

My rating: 3.5 out of 5


Produced by:  SAM, Akiko Janos
Cinematography by: Excessive Menace
Editing by: Excessive Menace
Special Effects by: Excessive Menace
Music by: Sadwrist, Death by a Thousand Cuts, Grand Cross,
Pallor Mortis, Corpse Desecration, Finkseye

Language:  English
Color: Color

DistributorA Baroque House


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