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lördag 9 februari 2019


Artist: Sopor Aeternus
Released: 2019-02-08
Style: Darkwave | Deathrock | Electro
Runtime: 42:42

Last year, Anna-Varney Cantodea released her first album with four years of residency. An album that became grand, with a content of her various collective styles in one and same title that went under the name "The Spiral Sacrifice". I praised it to the skies and wanted a continued feeling to the next album, which also came as a surprise to me:

It was first in december I noticed that Sopor Aeternus would release a new album the same date as last year. I decided to listen to its teaser that was found on YouTube and I was surprised to say the least. This is the first time in three decades that Anna is investing in a compound mix between Deathrock and Darkwave. An accompaniment consisting of electric guitars, which I have always dreamed of hearing in her album, and now the dream finally hit my astonishment.

Death & Flamingos is the 14th album of Sopor Aeternus and was recorded in August, 2018 at Patrick Damiani's studio at Karlsdorf, Germany. And unlike previous albums that usually contain hired studio musicians, Anna has in large part recorded everything herself, with Marcel Millot on drums.

Sopor Aeternus is very bombastic with her Gothic baroque-sound and it's hard to resist all the flutes, trumpets and its different sorts of wind instruments that usually accompany an ordinary album of Anna and her ensemble of shadows, and that's something I unfortunately miss in Death & Flamingos.

Her most aggressive part contains a hard punch of bassguitars, and this time together with an old-school post punk electric guitar which I have always strived for. But it feels like all the focus remains there. Well, the chimney ring of bells, the organs and her electronic use of darkwave is still there, but I had given the album a full rating if she had dared to keep the classic sound with her new one. But I suppose it's about time and cost as well.

As usual, she is very filthy and humorous in her lyrics, which I appreciate, that has one of the greatest meanings to me. I listen to Sopor Aeternus because of all the different feelings it brings, and if it should lack humor, everything would turn black as the night, which I don't prefer at all.

I find it hard to poke out a favorite song, as I think all songs have a great importance, they are rarely bad and if I listen to it from a musical perspective, then I truely prefer all of the tracks. They are intertwined and based on an interview. So if you want an understanding of this interview, just listen and enjoy.

As I mentioned earlier, if Death & Flamingos had dared, or possibly had an opportunity to put together this new genre together with the old baroque theme, it had received ten points. Now it gets eight and a half out of ten, and that's very good, because it's more than what 'Mitternacht' and 'Poetica' have ever got from me together. So if Anna happens to read this; follow my advice.


Anna-Varney Contodea - Vocals, all other instruments, programming, mixing
Marcel Millot - Drums

Label: Fantotal
Country: Germany



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