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söndag 6 januari 2019


Directed by: Emil Levin
Written by: Emil Levin
Stars:  Patrik Brander, Jesper Danielsson, Petar Gagic... read more

Country: Sweden
Style: Comedy | Short
Runtime: 8min

Swedish indie director/writer/blog host Emil Levin strikes with this absolutely bonkers short film about pregnant woman who falls into the hands of a demented doctor. The kicker is that the pregnant woman is clearly played by a male actor and we find out soon enough all of the casts voices are hilariously dubbed over in a very cheesy manner. The pregnant lady man played by Patrik Brander and voiced by Sara Hanley visits her doctor who acts like a complete lunatic throughout.

The short is shot in a very washed out retro fashions and it's so absolutely batshit crazy in delivery with such an energy it definitely has an over the top entertaining quality to it. The movie also manages to deliver a satirical commentary in various scenes with various political, social and racial views thrown in for good measure.

Clocking in at just over 8 minutes Unplanned Parenthood is a trip down a crazed sewer pipe of absolute madness. We get some nice low-budget splatter effects, lots of non politically correct humor and a bunch of lunatic characters all dancing to the same demented ballet. Director Levin has made a creative and memorable short with Unplanned Parenthood which doesn't take itself too seriously but still manages to get some opinions and points across. Emil is a fellow writer at Twisted Minds has been involved in a number of indie productions and endeavors. Unplanned Parenthood is a good time and a fun filled insanely fueled short sprinkled with a healthy dose of satire.

My rating: 3 out of 5


Produced by:  Emil Levin, Gustav Ljungdahl
Cinematography by: Emil Levin
Editing by: Emil Levin, David Eric Nilsson
Special Effects by: Emil Levin, Eliza Sica
Music by: Frej Wentzell Samuelsson
Language: English
Color: Color

DistributorFrom the 3rd Story Productions LTD


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