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fredag 18 januari 2019


Directed by: Matt Jaissle
Written by: Todd Tjersland, Sammy Shapiro
Stars:  Steve Sheppard, Gary Browning, Christian Curmudgeon... read more

Country:  USA
Style: Comedy | Extreme
Runtime: 1h 12min

Film maker Matt Jaissle delivered this immoral tale of gore, satanic baboons and mucho exposed naughty bits in 1997. He has since re-released it and has also released the third installment in the Necro Files saga titled 'Necro Files 3000'. Necro Files also received a sequel in 2003 titled 'Necro Files 2: Lust Never Dies'. Necro Files is the epitome of pure black humor z-grade low budget shenanigans featuring plenty of over the top moments, questionable acting performances and a dude in a satanic cult wearing a Smashing Pumpkins T-shirt.

The Necro Files is a fun time and doesn't take itself seriously so if your accustomed to low-budget so bad it's good gore-cinema you should find yourself entertained here. On this budget I thought the make-up was done in a pretty decent fashion and is twisted and explicit enough to merit it high on the fucked up scale. We get lots of nasty scenes of actors swimming in gooey guts after a number of messy looking eviscerations and one especially gruesome scene of the killer Logan (Isaac Cooper) cutting off a woman's nipple, chewing on it and then realizing it's not so appetizing causing him to puke it up in the sink.

The killer (who wears a white mask adorned with a swastika ala Charles Manson style) is caught in the act in the beginning of the movie by two cops. Detective Manning (Steven Sheppard) and detective Orville (Gary Browning) give two extremely horrendous so bad its good performances in an extreme campy sense. It seems the killer had murdered detective Orville's sister so the two are out for vengeance but its detective Manning who goes off the deep end after receiving a bad blow to the cranium. Manning wastes the serial killer but leave it up to a pesky ol' satanic cult who inhabit cemeteries and perform rituals in broad daylight to bring sex crazed Logan back to life.

After the satanic ritual doesn't go quite as planned for the cult (the leader gets his dick ripped off, guts ripped out etc) the two surviving bumbling members decide they have to put a stop to the zombie serial killer themselves. The freshly dead Logan is now a shambling zombie with a huge hanging sex toy looking dick who fills his undead lustful days violating anyone he comes across including couples in bondage play, campers and whoever else he randomly selects.

The two detectives once again pursue the undead killer except now detective Manning is a raving drug addicted lunatic himself killing any petty crook in his path. The two cult members bring back a baby they sacrificed at the beginning resurrecting Logan with hopes that it can now stop him. The baby is obviously a doll and it flies around the screen making these bizarre cries and weens, its some crazy shit just like most of this has been so far.

Lots of cheap gore, low brow humor, nudity and campy acting makes The Necro Files an underground exercise in entertaining bad taste. Don't expect polished film quality and high standards, this is for fans well versed in the art of indie gore and underground films. If you know what your getting yourself into you'll enjoy the ride.

Special thanks to director Matt Jaissle for sending Necro Files and Necro Files 3000 for my viewing displeasure, you can order Necro Files from

My rating: 3.5 out of 5


Produced by:  Matt Jaissle
Cinematography by: Matt Jaissle
Editing by: Matt Jaissle
Special Effects by: Todd Tjersland
Music by: Matt Jaissle
Language:  English
Color: Color

DistributorVidEvil Video


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