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tisdag 8 januari 2019


Directed by: Joe Meredith
Written by: Joe Meredith
Stars:  Joe Meredith, Toby Johansen, Cidney Meredith... read more

Country: USA
Style: Sci-Fi | Short
Runtime: 35min

Indie artist/film maker Joe Meredith returns with his follow up to his short film 'South Mill District' from 2018. Meredith's art has been a prolific part of some great underground material including our very own page Twisted Minds which he designed the original banner for. Meredith has always displayed a visual love for art involving monstrous figures, aliens and creatures of many kinds. Meredith possesses a visual style which is all his own and its apparent when you view his work. I'm guessing it was only a matter of time until he decided to transfer his artistic vision to film.

South Mill District was a great first endeavor and showed off Meredith's style put to film but he wanted to do more and would amp up for his next short film. South Mill District began the story of the Havoc Virus created by Eon Corp. The Havoc Virus involves these spiders which are planted into human hosts eventually consuming them in a gory fashion. Meredith was able to create an amazing atmosphere with the films music score and the use of some great low budget ingenuity in shooting locations, nifty effects and clever stop motion animation.

Teratomorph continues the Havoc Virus story with a new host played by Meredith's son Elijah Meredith known as Subject X. Subject X has been infected with the Havoc strain as he attempts to survive by himself in the apocalyptic wasteland surrounding him. Much of the film focuses on Subject X while there is another story line where scientists are attempting to get samples from the various mutations and creatures. Joe's beautiful wife Cidney Meredith is back in a role as an agent in pursuit of an alien blood sample with varying degrees of success.

Another great artist Martin Trafford (who also added his artistic talent to our Twisted Minds banner) lends his voice talents for a cyborg-like robot head which Subjet X carries with him.

Elijah Meredith is a great little actor in this so hats off to him in the role of Subject X, he carries himself in the movie very well, its impressive. I love the music in Teratomorph, its brilliant and adds an amazing feel and texture to the material. The effects are insane and Joe definitely upped the ante with the amount of creatures and gore and he could squeeze into the 30 minute short film.

James Bell once again lends a hand in the effects department with Joe also doing effects and creature work himself. For a low budget production Teratomorph is a work of brilliance and definitely outdoes its budgetary restrictions and then some.

Meredith has outdone himself with Teratomorph and hopefully is satisfied with what he has accomplished here because it's a great looking film with an authentic vibe and literally oozing legit talent. It's an early 2019 but I have a feeling few indie productions will be able to top what Joe Meredith has accomplished with Teratomorph. An amazing vision and display of creatures, sci-fi and atmospheric terror.

My rating: 4 out of 5


Produced by:  Scott Boone, Joe Meredith, Samuel Vainisi
Cinematography by: Joe Meredith, Cidney Meredith
Editing by: Joe Meredith
Special Effects by: James Bell, Joe Meredith
Music by: Samuel Barnette, Joel Barnette, Joe Meredith
Language: English
Color: Color



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