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torsdag 3 januari 2019


Directed by: C. Huston, J. Lyons
Written by: C. Huston, J. Lyons
Stars:  Chad Alva, Chris Cock, Joe Curtis... read more

Country: USA
Style: Drama | Thriller
Runtime: 1h 14min

There are movies that are so effective they evoke strong emotions in their viewers. 'Portraits Of Andrea Palmer' is a recent film which unleashes such reactions. A film so grimy, bleak and down right brutal in honesty and execution that it unapologetically wallows in the dank stagnate pools only to be exhumed by those souls intrigued by the blackness.

Portraits Of Andrea Palmer is a trip headlong into the dark side of life in the sex industry. This film does anything but glorify any of the sexually explicit hardcore images displayed but there are an abundance of them throughout so if you dislike triple x rated material then this film is definitely not something you should seek out. It is powerful and uncompromising but it is also very offensive especially to the more (morally intact) individuals.

Andrea Palmer (Katrina Zova) is a mentally tormented woman who makes a living by doing live cam streams from her apple notebook. Portraits Of Andrea Palmer wastes no time in getting into the material with visions and images of Andrea featuring her in various explicit positions as well as her sequences performing for clients in her cam shows performing by masturbating and penetrating herself with dildos vaginally and anally. It is said that the actress Katrina Zova who plays Andrea is an ex-porn performer so the scenes of sexually explicit penetrations are authentic and performed with will and intention.

Portraits Of Andrea Palmer is not a porno film although there is a lot of on screen penetration and oral sex actually performed. The hardcore sex is never glorified to the point where the viewer gets aroused or pleasure from it. It's always dark and painful and focusing on the regret in the eyes of Palmer as she drifts further and further into the void spiraling out of control with no point of return. This is a unique film and probably one of the grittiest I've seen in years. I didn't even know they made movies like this anymore. To me it seems it would fit in with the exploitation films of the 70's but taking place in modern times.

A powerful experience and exploration of the damaged life Andrea Palmer has made for herself. The poor choices keep resurfacing at every corner for Andrea whether its answering an add on craiglist for adult models and performers in a dilapidated warehouse or getting involved with a seedy and violent drug dealer. The movie unfolds in a number of titled chapters. Andrea is a cam girl who while experiencing a scumbag request online during a performance encounters another individual who convinces her to move to L.A. only to leave her in the lurch. Now in L.A. Andrea has to fend for herself and quickly gets to work in the sex underbelly of the city spiraling further and further down the toilet.

I stumbled upon this one in a social media news feed and knew nothing about it but was fascinated by the subject matter. C. Huston and Joe Huston certainly know how to weave a powerful and controversial tale which pulls no punches and goes straight for the gut. Great moody score by Michael Parsons and I notice Massacre Video have their hand in this one with Louie Justin handling editing duties. Portraits Of Andrea Palmer is some wild and bold material I urge you to check out.

My rating: 4 out of 5


Produced by:  C. Huston, Richard Wright, Joe Rubin
Cinematography by: Joe Rubin
Editing by: Louie C. Justin
Special Effects by: Chuck Jonz
Music by: Michael Parsons
Language: English
Color: Color

Distributor: Tomorrow Films


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