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lördag 5 januari 2019


Directed by: Joe Stauffer
Written by: David Long | Joe Stauffer
Stars:  David Long, Kristi Ray, Taylor Kowalski... read more

Country: USA
Style: Thriller | Slasher
Runtime: 1h 35min

Many individuals puts down a third part of their lifes as directors by carrying out various new versions of 'large breasted teens making stupid decisions and getting slaughtered by masked maniacs in unconvincing gouts of gore', yes, the old classic ones. But if you carry on an intelligent mind and your name is Joe Stauffer and Dustin Lewis it will look much better to our future. They are trying to create something own and unique of the slasher genre that perhaps has never been raised before and I think we need this kind of rethink pretty much.

Director and screenwriters Joe Stauffer and David Long gives us the magnificent film 'Pieces of Talent' who have won many prizes at various film festivals. We meet the character David Long (played by David Long), one of the slasher genre's most original characters. The film is aesthetically rendered and slowly builds up an explosive intrigue regarding special-effects and photo adjustments. Some unexpected camera angles and frame compositions culminates in a visually stunning experience. The director’s eye for subtlety is apparent and his attention to detail really enhanced the realism that each scene presented.

David Long plays a local filmmaker who wants to bring out something new and artistic in its genre. Outside a pub he meets the cocktail witress Charlotte (Kristi Ray) who's tired of her work. David and Charlotte begin to hang out and she'll slowly but surely take part of David's special interest in art, but no details have yet been revealed, and soon Charlotte's closest friends disappears - one by one. What she does not understand is that she is the bait of the final installation. David is a happily obsessed individual willing to do whatever it takes to make “true art”. He utilizes his charm and skills to make something dark and deranged seem utterly beautiful and loving.

This film is sick and twisted, showcasing a surprisingly sharp sadistic love for realistic gore but also a middling sense of how to tell a story. A genre defying twisted romance and witty deconstruction of the creative process in Hollywood, with art house sensibilities. This film is a proof that there are intellectual, creative artists working in our beloved genre. The intelligence carries over into the writing, and it never contradicts itself or stretches credulity — it progresses naturally towards points that make sense, a sturdy, assured plot path driven by well-realised characters and dressed in the fancy aesthetics of indie cinema. The film carry a deeply disturbing darkness, a gritty and almost sordid realism, presented which such artfulness that they captivate and spellbind the viewer.

The cinematography is a notable aspect because the nightmares and obsessions play out on it screens all the time, and David is attempting to make those emotions a reality – he wants to make something that is a visceral representation of his demented psyche. David is a very bad dude. There's no arguing that. But even when he’s carrying out unspeakable acts of violence – you can’t help but like the guy. His motive isn’t exactly clear, but you somehow get a sense of justification in his actions.

Pieces of Talent is simplistic and intriguing, and with a charismatic main actor to follow, the straight dialogue scenes become just as interesting as the more exciting sequences with murder and mayhem. It never ceases to amaze me how certain films can simply fall through the cracks, but I'm not overstating it when I say that Pieces of Talent is a film all fans of our genre should watch. It may be more cerebral and esoteric than most other horror films, but it is for precisely this reason that I believe it deserves to reach a wider audience.

This is a big time film and is without a doubt one of the best horror films I have seen in a few years. It's the kind of rare independent horror films that not only exceeds my expectations and lives up to hype and praise but never once did it feel like I was watching an independent horror film at all. There's not wrong with indie films of any sort, but PIECES OF TALENT feels like it rose above the constraints that being an independent production can present. The special effects is flawlessly executed and visually spectacular. The soundtrack is also surprising and doesn’t fit the usual mold of horror music, which is very refreshing and original.

It was said that the sequel 'A Missing Piece' would have been released in 2015, but this seems to be a closed project. I haven't heard anything for four years, so I suppose it's dead. And maybe it was just as good to end its context in time to avoid failing with something that became so good and original as Pieces of Talent.
My rating: 4.5 out of 5


Produced by:  Ash Crist, John Marchioni... read more
Cinematography by: Joe Stauffer
Editing by: Joe Stauffer
Special Effects by: Tony Rosen
Music by: Joe Stauffer
Language: English
Color: Color

DistributorShutter Blade Media


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