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lördag 12 januari 2019


Directed by: Lorenzo Lepori
Written by: Lorenzo Lepori | Antonio Tentori
Stars:  Pascal Persiano, Henrj Bartolini, Yana Proshkina... read more

Country: Italy
Style: Drama | Mystery | Thriller
Runtime: 1h 10min

Notte Nuda (Naked Night) is a modern psychedelic vampire movie by Lorenzo Lepori (Resurrezione di cuori, Catacomba) that tries to weave the classic aspects of Italian erotic / horror ala 70s within modern shapes. Low budget chills with classic red blood, plastic costumes, mysterious forests and beautiful women.

Lorenzo has written and directed films for over 10 years. With five films in his biography, he now drops his sixth film 'Notte Nuda' which is aesthetically pleasing and blends horror and drama with popular beings such as vampires, werewolves and creatures. It has a crisp new look and stands out from the Italian indie scene which is both exciting and fun.

Something has changed in Paulo's (Pascal Persiano) life, an existential illness has begun to invade him. To escape his oppressive reality, he decides to visit Andrea (Henrj Bartolini), a friend he hasn't met for a long time. Andrea welcomes him fraternally and comes with Milena (Yana Proshkina), a beautiful and helpful girl. A surprise evening is meant to end tragically when they are suddenly robbed, and for Paulo, it's just the start of a scary nightmare ...

This is a movie that's full of disputes, you don't really know what you're about to facing when you come to the center of the film, but when the final quiz approaches, the whole plot is soon revealed and you are turning out a bit frustrated.

Lorenzo wants to immerse himself in the classic Italian horror, which means that Notte Nuda isn't excessively violent and always tries to keep up to a reasonable level; with the feature that some of the effects fall away in choices of keeping the execution in close-up angels. There was also a scene where the effect were chosen to be cut-out into still images, which unfortunately got the opposite effect (it looked more like a glitch in its digital file.)

The budget is no bigger than $5000 and it's a surprisingly small amount to make such movie as Notte Nuda. In addition to small irritations about the film's acts and some mistakes regarding its special effects, It's very original and stylish in a fresh good way. And another important feature that I forgot to mention is that the soundtrack, consisting of synthwave-music (composed by Federico Balistreri and Marco Nincheri) makes the film very atmospheric and durable. It also has a relatively short run time, which is a positive aspect to its advanced plot.

So if you want to watch an innovative gothic vampire-movie with wooden environments mixed with psychedelic 70s elements, then I absolutely think that you should buy this movie which recently received a DVD release via 30 Holding srl. This is a movie that I can definitely return to in the near future.

My rating: 3 out of 5


Produced by:  Lorenzo Lepori, Corrado Parigi
Cinematography by: Lorenzo Lepori
Editing by: Lorenzo Lepori
Special Effects by: Stefano Pizzolitto
Music by: Federico Balistreri, Marco Nincheri
Language: Italy
Color: Color

Distributor30 Holding srl


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