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måndag 7 januari 2019


Artist: Krampusnacht
Released: 2017-12-05
Style: Dark Ambient | Dungeon Synth
Runtime: 40:09

Dungeon Synth aroused my interests when I first heard of Wongravens 'Fjelltronen' (1995) in succession with Burzum's 'Daudi Baldrs' and 'Hlidskjalf'. At first I had very small knowledge about the genre, but have now understood that it's something that Black Metal artists often deals with when they are bored and floating away by composing RPG music to 'Dungeons and Dragons' and similar rollplaying-games in the same dark atmosphere as their ordinary music-style. It can be found in the genre of 'dark ambient' and originates somewhere in the late 80's and has become very sought after in retrospects and is bigger now than ever.

Anyhow, so what- and who is Krampusnacht then? A Greenlandic one-man project who detest the word 'Christmas'. He is a sort of demon who's trying to transfer traditional music of Yuletide to where it belongs - it should be taken away from Christmas to be re-paganised. These tunes originate from folk melodies, pub songs, reels, chants, nature worship, pantheism and NOT from churches! It's old European folk tunes that were turned into Christmas Carols by various composers throughout the ages.

So first and foremost to be said; this isn't a christmas-album at all. It sure has that little tinkle, but he rework those old traditional christmas-tunes to his very own dark ambient-style and the idea isn't that you should feel any longing for Christmas, rather an impact on winterlandscapes and its true darkness.

The album I will review is the person's self-titled debut album from 2017, released on cassette and CD via label Goblin Terror. There's clear traditional synthesizers belonging to the genre, and it's very simplistic and comfortable. I find my inner calm, so I'm very grateful that he didn't used a lot of different effects.

The variation between the songs is clearly regular, which means that I don't get tired of the music. But what made me very aware was that I recognized each song on the tracklist no matter if he changed all the keys to D minor, which is a clear proof of how unconsciously indoctrinated some can be to these songs. That they have always belonged to everyday life in some way, without thinking about it.

This debut is a faithful reporter, especially when I try to find the serenity of an otherwise stressful day. It put focus and open up reflections on why I like Dungeon Synth from the very beginning, and the curiosity and fascination with Krampusnacht became as great as the first time I discovered the genre. I have none favourite-song, because I see it from its full spectrum - The whole is quite striking.

Krampusnacht releases new albums the night between 5-6th of December each year, the date when Yuletide was ment to be celebrated before Roman Catholic Churches decided to move it to the end of the month. He has released two albums so far, and the latest one 'Superstar' from last year is another favourite of mine which I will review another time.


Krampus - Everything

Label: Goblin Terror Records
Country: Greenland



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