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tisdag 8 januari 2019

KEYGEN CHURCH - ░ ▒ ▓ █ (2018)

Artist: Keygen Church
Released: 2018-08-29
Style: Electro | Progressive Metal
Runtime: 41:03

This is another project from the multi-instrumentalist/programmer behind the famouse chart-topping electronic metal band Master Boot Record (MBR), and from where shall I begin?

The side project started very spontaneously after the Italian musician Victor Love in question visited a church in Venice, Italy and was inspired after hearing dark bombastic baroque music at the pipe organs. The inspiration began to flow and very soon the project was born.

I envy musicians who deviate from the crowd, where the artist takes the liberty and the desire to create something new and which doesn't fear new challenges. Keygen Church (KGC) must be one of these faithful pioneers and I sincerely hope that it's a project that Victor relies on when Master Boot Record is on a low flame.

░ ▒ ▓ █ is his debut album and it's hotter than any spiritual flames that can be found in the genre of industrial synth-metal. I'm pleased to grow up and belong to this generation of new artists, to be able to take part of their creativity and development.

The MBR and KGC are not very different in their specific genre, the magnificent depth still remains and caves in the foreground with the humming synthesized guitar-effects and the heavy rock-filled drums, but Keygen Church uses less chiptunes / synthwave and specifies on classic baroque together with gothically filled piano parts just as well as pipe organs and darker progressive metal.

I don't think you have ever heard anything like this before, though there are some similarities with Italian artists such as Goblin and Daemonia (Frizzi & Simonetti), but KGC carries a little more sense of VGS (video game soundtracks such as Castelvania and Devil May Cry) than movie soundtracks in its genre of horror.

2018 was a very intense music year, and I dare to praise this debut very high among the best artists in its genre of electronic music. Therefore I don't hope that KGC is a one-off thing. I know Victor is busy with some projects and upcoming concerts, but let's see a new album appearing in the coming year at least.


Victor Love - Everything

Label: Independent
Country: Italy



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