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söndag 13 januari 2019


Artist: Dvar
Released: 2002-01-01
Style: Darkwave | Electro
Runtime: 67:43

Dvar has been active since 1995 and was a unknown virtual electro-duo from Moscow, Russia. Their unique style differs from the amount of other bands in its genre; they sing in a language called Enochian (An occult and angelic language).

Dvar has chosen to remain anonymous, but claims to get their inspiration from their dreams (which they call their very own federation.) Thereby they indicate different melodies, and according to them, "Dvar" is a virtual wasp that speaks to them about what they should perform. They also mention that they can't completely identify the language of Enochin, so sometimes they don't always understand what "Dvar" wants to tell them.

I've chosen to briefly review "Piirrah / Taai Liira" from 2002, because it happens to be their most underrated albums and falls to me heavily in terms of taste. They've made a number of other albums that I might review later, because no album sounds the same, which I think is good, but unlike their other works, this one falls below black metal and darkwave which makes it more interesting to me (When mentioning Black Metal, I mean more in style of later Abruptum or Emit, just to refer to something.)

This is a compilation album consisting their very earliest demo-songs, 11 tracks ranging between 1997 to 2000 (inc. 11 previously unreleased songs). These songs are dark and dreamy in a way I've never heard before. Each undertone emphasizes a schizoid feeling, a black-bleached concept, and although I can't understand a word of what they are singing, it opens up for own reflections and you can distinguish your own sound pattern.

'Piirrah / Taai Liira' is very detailed and stylish and you always discover something new if you carefully listen to it several times. You're somewhere in the stage between sleep and alertness.

Dvar hasn't released anything new since 2012 and I can't tell if they've ceased as a project, I find no information about that. Anyhow, this album is recommended for those who like avant-garde electronic music.


General Bee - Vocals, Drums, Tabla & Percussion.
Bee Warrior - Keyboards, Organs, Vibraphones, Musical Controllers.

Label: S.P.K.R
Country: Russia



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