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måndag 21 januari 2019

DOLL BOY (2010)

Directed by: Billy Pon
Written by: Billy Pon, Lee Ankrum
Stars:  Jed Duesler, Venus Monique, Dominic Lopez... read more

Country:  USA
Style: Action | Short
Runtime: 27min

Billy Pon has exploded on the scene with his latest indie horror smash 'Circus Of The Dead' which caused quite a stir in the indie scene and it's easy to see why because it was a cavalcade of under the big top insanity courtesy of actor Bill Oberst Jr. playing the lead 'Poppa Corn' with his brood of menacing clowns. Pon takes an over the top idea and makes it work nicely, it just wallows in gleeful and evil insanity and is pulled off to an extent that treads over your standard horror fare.

I had to check out Pon's earlier short Doll Boy which is connected to Circus Of The Dead. If you remember Doll Boy was a part of Circus Of The Dead, then Noodledome the clown (Ryan Clapp) also makes an appearance in this one. Doll Boy really surprised me due to its brutality and take no prisoners story line much the same as 'Circus of the Dead' did and you can see the talent Pon displays here with the lower budget and limited time frame. This short is probably one of the best I've seen in awhile because it's so fast paced, has some great atmosphere and genuinely terrifying scenes.

At the beginning of this short we get a couple of trailers for 'Circus Of The Dead' and 'Mister Fister'. This trailer for Circus Of The Dead was evidently a rougher cut before they actually made the feature length film because it became a high grade professional looking production. The other trailer for Mister Fister takes a completely tasteless and sick humored idea and turns it into what may become another high grade indie production under Pon's belt. I am excited as hell to see the kind of shit Pon pulls off if he makes a full length feature out of Mister Fister.

Doll Boy starts with a bang as a van drives drives up to an isolated warehouse. The side door of the van slides open and right from the start the viewer is bombarded with a bunch of bound, gagged terrified people who have been abducted for reasons unknown to take part in a sick stalk and slash (or in this case stalk and sledgehammer) game of cat and mouse. The part of this intro with the hostages in the van which really took it to another level is the fact that a young toddler girl was also abducted and is obviously terrified and crying, an angle which I thought really shocked to a higher level and the fact that they separate her from her distraught mother. After witnessing that intro I was wondering what kind of savage film I was in store for.

The characters are quickly established and the most despicable being Jed Duesler as Brandon. Duesler plays the absolute scum bag of Doll Boy, probably even more despicable than actor Sergio Gracida playing Dollboy himself. Brandon is concerned more about finding his Rolex than being capable of showing compassion to any of his fellow abductees. Brandon takes the term survival of the fittest and replaces it with survival of the slimiest but it makes you wonder with the &me syndrome& of modern society that Duesler's character is actually a common denominator in any group of people.

Doll Boy stalks all the people through the dark shambling halls of ran down buildings which I believe was said to be an old market. No one is spared as Dollboy uses his trusty sledgehammer to pound flesh, meat and bone into pulverized mounds of mauled gore. The violence is jaw dropping and savage with stomach turning effects by Def Con and the movie never gives the viewer time to get bored because Dollboy is always offing some poor sap or in hot pursuit. I like the camera work in this especially with little touches like seeing a reflection Dollboy raising his hammer to strike in a pool of blood next to a paralyzed victim waiting to receive the final death pummeling. I also like how they try to show and give some insight in Doll Boys background by showing his lair with the collection of twisted artifacts which litter his abode.

This one is able to take an over used and standard horror formula and emphasize particular aspects making it original and entertaining. I highly recommend Doll Boy and Circus Of The Dead and wait to see what territory Pon decides to explore next especially if its about a psycho who dispatches his victims by fist fucking them to death! Pon is an indie director to follow closely and I wish him all the best so pick up a copy of Circus Of The Dead and Dollboy for some kick ass balls out stellar indie horror.

My rating: 4 out of 5


Produced by:  Lee Ankrum, Billy Pon
Cinematography by: Eddie Garcia
Editing by: Billy Pon
Special Effects by: Def Con F/X
Music by: -
Language:  English
Color: Color

DistributorBloody Bill Productions


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