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torsdag 17 januari 2019


Directed by: Todd Jenkins
Written by: Jarrett Bigelow, Billy Blair, Araceli Jenkins, Todd Jenkins
Stars:  Billy Blair, Todd Jenkins, Justin Armstrong... read more

Country:  USA
Style: Comedy
Runtime: 1h 52min

Filmmaker Todd Jenkins delivers us the horror/comedy Cherokee Creek. The movie spins a tale about a Bigfoot lurking in the backwoods of the films title location of Cherokee Creek. The behemoth slaughters anyone who enters his woods and gets especially pissed at the scent of bodily fluids. If you piss, shit or ejaculate the beast will find you and rip your ass asunder. Enter a group of party goers throwing their friend a surprise bachelor party in those woods and you have the recipe for Cherokee Creek.

Director Jenkins has been struggling to get the film released on Amazon who refused to make it available on their widely popular Amazon Prime streaming service. Amazon's reason is that the film is simply offensive. This reason alone has not sat well with Jenkins and personally I don't blame the guy considering he's losing a lot of views by not being on the Amazon streaming service.

Amazon sells and streams films which are far more offensive than Cherokee Creek and this reasoning absolutely makes no sense. Jenkins also recently talked about how people are saying the film is racist towards native people with the films title. Cherokee Creek has nothing to do with native Americans, its just the name of the location the film takes place. The big foot character is not a slight at Native Americans, its just a fucking Bigfoot monster people, not a fucking interpretation of a native individual. I could go on all day about how today's society of cunt snowflakes have made it near impossible to say or do anything out of the ordinary without coming under scrutiny or fire from people but the rant would be endless and vicious.

Cherokee Creek is a cool little indie flick but definitely not what I expected even from reading some positive reviews on it. First off, the movie is way too long. It runs for 2 hours and could be cut down to an 80 minute running time so things don't drag on endlessly like they do. In the intro you get two these two hooded guys who are actually the director Jenkins and co-star Billy Blair going on a rant about piracy and how it's a scumbag thing to pirate the film because they worked very fucking hard on it. I got a kick out of the intro and thought it was a cool touch. Jenkins addressed that he also came under fire for using such words as butt pirate to describe people pirating the movie where people got offended at this term and took it as he was making inappropriate comments against homosexuals. Once again this is not the case, the guy was saying people who pirate movies are scum and so they are!

After the intro of the film we get these two dim witted hunters who are hoping to kill and capture Bigfoot. Of course the two dumb asses literally piss away their chances and end up getting killed. We then go to Jinx (Todd Jenkins) and Vinny (Bill Blair) who are about to abduct their buddy Pat (Justin Armstrong) and bring him to Cherokee Creek for his surprise bachelor party. Once there they meet up with friends and talk a whole lot for well over an hour before anything cool happens.

This is a good time but it's definitely not a gore fest. It has some cool effects in the last half including a penis getting ripped off and severed heads but as I mentioned earlier it really needed to be edited down. I understand Jenkins worked like a motherfucker for three years or so himself trying to compile the film and probably wanted to included as much work as he did into it but to make the film flow smoother the editing for me was an issue.

There is some great comedy in this and the characters are very likable but the idea of the party in the woods, the Bigfoot etc is nothing new or original. I could have definitely done without seeing Jenkins erect dick as well but the scene with him and a stripper blowing him off and constantly stopping to ask questions was funny as hell. I also laughed at Pats wife to be Caroline (Olivia Sabini) who is a hypocritical bitch of the highest order who loves to inhabit dick bars on a regular basis while keeping her man on lock down.

Cherokee Creek is worth checking out, it's not on my must see list but it has enough gags and entertainment value to merit at least watching it once. That being said I respect what Jenkins has done here and I wish him nothing but the best in his battle against piracy and getting his movie fair treatment on Amazon.

My rating: 3 out of 5


Produced by:  Billy Blair, Araceli Jenkins, Todd Jenkins... read more
Cinematography by: Todd Jenkins
Editing by: Todd Jenkins
Special Effects by: Andy Arrasmith, Emma Campbell, Shelly Pinder
Music by: John Massari, Jonathan Padilla
Language:  English
Color: Color

DistributorMovie Mafia Productions LLC


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