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tisdag 22 januari 2019


Directed by: Roberto Albanesi, Luca Bertossi... read more
Written by: Roberto Albanesi, Luca Bertossi... read more
Stars:  -

Country:  Italy
Style: Anthology
Runtime: 1h 26min

Film maker Davide Pesca (Tales From Deep Hell, Suffering Bible) and Francesco Longo present 'After Midnight'. A collection of short Italian horror/thriller/suspense tales which cover a lot of ground and come together to make After Midnight a cool little anthology you should check out. Lots of promise here and the material is generally interesting and given a very cool European flare which is always nice to see.

I always love watching foreign films especially indie film because its usually a good idea of what North American markets will be jumping onto. 8 Tales in total clocking in at about 2 hours ensures you lots of material for your money. Dust N Dirt Films are distributing After Midnight along with the company Home Movies.

The first tale titled Vlog: L'ultimo video di sara features a popular female blogger who's incidentally killed during one of her video entries. She remarks she deleted comments from a rude fan but the obsessed follower took this to heart and pays her a visit. Vlog had a nice satirical spin upon today's social media culture and the possible dangers associated with it. A lot of the times people make rude or inappropriate comments on social media to others without fear of reprisal and thus this short film shows sometimes we are not as anonymous as we believe we are.

The Taste Of Survival focuses on the end of the world and the individuals left after the nuclear fallout. A group of scavengers are attacking a young girl when all of a sudden she is rescued by an unknown assailant or is she? Nice camera work in this very brief segment, I enjoyed the visual look and feel of the locations used, it brings out the apocalyptic atmosphere nicely.

Nyctophobia has a man who is mentally tortured by events which have occurred in his past. This especially occurs during his time of rest in the evening hours. The beginning of the film makes it seem like he may have lost a lover and is tormented by these events. Nyctophobia has some very chilling and skin crawling moments, the make up done on the spirits or premonitions that visit the man are done well. With a nice twist and some genuinely scary moments Nyctophobia is a chilling entry in After Midnight.

Nel Buio is another psychological tale of skin crawling terror. A woman and man are both haunted by the events of a terrible car accident. The woman has turned into a response less vegetable and the man, her brother has assumed the role of looking after her. The traumatizing events literally come back to haunt them both. This story has some great scary and creepy moments as the story unfolds down a dark tunnel of regret where there is no turning back.

Io Non Le Credo tells the story of a man haunted by bizarre premonitions. He enlists the help of a priest but due to the mans reputation the priest doesn't believe these spirits exist. This story reminds me of a grown up the boy who cried wolf tale. In this case you feel bad for the poor bastard who is reliving these nightmarish visions in front of his face of these demonic characters. Even while the priest is present these frightful beings plague the man and he is helpless to do anything about it.

Escape From Madness is a 'Texas Chainsaw Massacre' Inspired short film which features a woman being abducted by a leather face look a like. The woman is brought to the killers dilapidated torture shack and subjected to his madness. She makes a break for it eventually and is stalked throughout the woods with the chainsaw wielding madman in hot pursuit. The two face off in a final conflict which has a surprising and nasty outcome.

Che Serata Di Merda is probably the campiest short film featured in After Midnight. We get a very almost Lucio Fulci-esque feel at the beginning as a zombie slowly shambles though a town. We are then introduced to a seemingly innocent young couple going through their normal routine at home. The zombie from the beginning eventually attacks them but a traditional undead story line is anything but followed. We get the back story and then the movie takes a very nontraditional and comedic turn. I found the short to be refreshing and humorous especially the ending. Zombie films have been done to death and then some so to see a witty approach had me appreciating it very much.

My favorite and probably the most effective story in After Midnight in my opinion is the last short titled Haselwurm. I dug everything it was about, the style and the ambiance it achieved. The music, the filming and performances were all incredible. The story is very odd but still strangely engrossing. The performance from the lead actress was very appealing in a strange fashion. Haselwurm had this sense of dread to it and the story line is just as bizarre yet satisfying. While watching I was thinking David Cronenberg style with an Italian flare to it. Some haunting creature effects in this one as well. I really can't recommend it enough.

After Midnight is in Italian and contains English subtitles which I prefer any day over horrendous dubbing unless it's done for a campy or humorous factor. It's a genuinely cool collection of some great shorts and if your looking for something different and intriguing I suggest checking it out. Its fresh and not a mundane experience with a little something to please most indie horror fans. There are some great make up effects, scares and gloomy atmosphere throughout but After Midnight is not a splatter movie and definitely more of an all around horror for scares with eye popping visuals.

My rating: 3.5 out of 5


Produced by:  Francesco Longo, Davide Pesca
Cinematography by: -
Editing by: -
Special Effects by: -
Music by: -
Language:  Italian
Color: Color

Distributor: Demented Gore Production | Moonlight Legacy


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