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söndag 30 december 2018


Directed by: Juval Marlon
Written by: Juval Marlon
Stars:  Juval Marlon

Country: Switzerland
Style: Extreme | Short
Runtime: 8min

Swiss film maker Juval Marlon is back to get under our skin by tackling more extremely uncomfortable subject matter. His prior felons include the shorts 'Torture Fetish' which was his ode to snuff movies and 'Dead Baby Mutilation' which is pretty self explanatory. Marlon then left the extreme underground horror genre and did a documentary on the hardcore music fans in Switzerland titled 'Terror Dope' (when I mean hardcore I mean this crazy techno style music, not Cro Mags, Sick of it All, Madball etc). Now he is back exploring more taboo's with this brooding, atmospheric and disturbing short.

Strychnin or Strychnine as you guessed it is a highly toxic, colorless, bitter, crystalline alkaloid used as a pesticide to kill smaller animals which are deemed pets such as mice, rats, birds and in this case cats. In this short there is virtually zero dialogue for its 8 minute running time but we get this foreboding, dark and dingy dungeon style industrial score playing as we are brought to dark streets and alleyways where we see different cats being watched as they frolic around the streets. We then cut to what seems to be the burning carcass of a cat smoldering away.

I contacted Marlon and he said:

"- The idea behind this short was to show an aspect of cruelty nobody has shown before because its a taboo topics because animals (like children) are the victims....however crimes like this happen and people who torture and murder animals often don't get caught because animals can't speak."

He told me he has already been declined reviews because of the content from people who want to distance themselves from such subject matter.

I personally love cats and have two of my own as pets but I never found this short to be highly offensive. The end scene of a cat being force-fed what is supposed to be the chemical is obviously not real and no animals were harmed in the making of this.

I think what frustrates me the most about today's society is how easily we become offended by everything put in front of us. We have become a society of proverbial politically correct pussies where if we have a different opinion we are forced to walk on fucking eggshells to get that said opinion across. Even when it comes to the underground horror "scene" fans will not blink when it comes to all sorts of acts of cruelty to humans but finger flick a fucking dog and you are branded a scumbag. Its time people start treating people better and animals like fucking animals, love your pets yes but they are animals and people have made them more than this, distinguish from the two.

Strychnin is an effective and moody piece of twisted cinema and I hope Marlon does well with this short. While he says he doesn't care if people get offended I hope the subject matter doesn't hinder its performance. I think back to the successful movie Gummo where two kids trap, kill and beat cats, this movie was a critically acclaimed success because it was offbeat and humorous but this short is dead serious and no humor is in play here, I can see it having dummies running for the door playing the animal cruelty card.

When Juval releases Strychnin you'll want to check it out if your a fan of 'Torture Fetish' and 'Dead Baby Mutilation', it would make a nice triple bill with both of these. It's cool to see a new underground short come out of Switzerland and hopefully Marlon will continue to deliver more material in coming years. It goes to show that indie horror is alive and well around the world and it is an international sickness that must be spread like the plague across the continent.

My rating: 3 out of 5


Produced by:  Juval Marlon
Cinematography by: Juval Marlon
Editing by: Juval Marlon
Special Effects by: Juval Marlon
Music by: Juval Marlon
Language: -
Color: Color

Distributor: Beheading Films


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