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tisdag 25 december 2018


Directed by: Esa Jussila
Written by: Esa Jussila
Stars:  Mort Grankvist, Toni Kandelin, Tommi Karjalainen... read more

Country: Finland
Style: Short | Thriller
Runtime: 27min

From Finland indie director Esa Jussila returns with his latest 27 minute short film Homecoming (Kotiinpaluu). Jussila has directed some other great shorts including Trans* and Goremageddon 1 and 2. Jussila has also paired up with Artturi Rosten who has directed the amazing short The Defiler and both of them have done different duties on each others projects. Homecoming sees Jussila taking a more serious approach different from his black humor laced Goremageddon epics.

Jussila makes Homecoming look highly professional in how its shot, the production values also look impeccable. The quality which comes from this offering is incredible. The visuals alone are highly engrossing and play a big part in conveying the feeling Homecoming is trying to put out there. The violence is extremely graphic and merciless with amazing stomach turning effects work plus the acting is done in a professional manner. Everything about Homecoming is of high quality making the short from Finland something worth checking out.

After playing some festivals Jussila is ready to unleash this epic tale of revenge upon the unsuspecting public. Homecoming tells a tale about a group of men who are being systematically executed at the hands of an unknown assailant. We soon find out the assailant is actually very known to the men but suspected to be dead. We then find out more vital information which sheds light on what events caused all of this.

From the shotgun head explosion intro we get a good idea of where Homecoming is going. Its a tale of pure grim darkness with no mercy. A serious no-nonsense mini epic made with sharp precision and visual supremacy. Jussila has the ability to tell a serious story and do it in such a sense it captivates the viewer. Contact Esa Jussila on Facebook to find out more about his film projects. The man obviously has immense talent and is someone to watch.

My rating: 4 out of 5


Produced by:  Esa Jussila, Lisa Mcwhirter, Onni Kaskinen
Cinematography by: Esa Jussila
Editing by: Markus Harjula, Esa Jussila
Special Effects by: Ari Savonen, Minja Tuomisalo
Music by: Jussi Huhtala
Language: Finnish
Color: Color

Distributor: TR Productions


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