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fredag 28 december 2018


Directed by: Tim Rabenstein, Herzog F.
Written by: Tim Rabenstein, Herzog F.
Stars:  ?

Country: Germany
Style: Arthouse | Short
Runtime: 19min

Tim Rabenstein and his company AE Filmkunst which means All is Evanescent Film Art in English are back. Since 2008 Rabentstein has been involved in making movies. His first feature was 'The Last Tape' in 2013 and he has worked on 'Snuff Tape 2' and 'Would You Go To Hell For Me?' by Grindhouse Films. AE Filmkunst was founded in 2015 and released their first short titled 'Blutkreis' which means Blood Circle in 2017. Now they have unleashed 'Different Night, Same Torture' with upcoming plans to do a follow up to Blutkreis next.

Different Night, Same Torture plays out in three chapters. The dvd release features a host but for this screener there is no host just the segments themselves. The first chapter titled Spirit And Body (In The Arms Of Morpheus) features a man played by Herzog F. who experiences a calling of the dead while residing in a cemetery. The man is then drawn to God where he recollects on his past including the loss of his family.

The second chapter titled God? has the man experiencing a lovelorn relationship with Jesus and the suffering which he endured. Getting no satisfaction or real sanctity for his own ordeal. Forsaken by God and stigmatized the man slowly sinks into a state of doubt and despair where he dwells and festers. The third chapter titled Desecrate! finds the man now devoid and lost in a nihilistic trance where his body is consumed and never to return. The man is swallowed up in his own fanatic extremism and all hopes to gain control and sanity are lost forever.

Different Night, Same Torture is a cool collection of shorts within the short. It looks beautiful, it's shot very well and visually is a pleasure on the eyes. There is no dialogue but it definitely holds your interest. The series of events unfolds throughout the chapters as we are treated to a combination of industrial style music and in some instances rather techno style material. The production definitely feels like it was done and shot in almost a music video style. The footage definitely pops but without the narrator or host on the dvd I would not be able to understand what is going on in the 3 chapters if Rabenstein hadn't elaborated for me. I could definitely speculate and interpret but I probably wouldn't get the proper ideas across.

There's some familiar faces and names on this production who have appeared or worked on other German underground films such as El Gore from Grindhouse Films and Sander Cage from Sado Messiah Productions.

Also I have to mention a funny coincidence in the second chapter God? when the man goes to the church/temple to seek solace. In this particular scene all I can hear is the theme from Madonna's song 'Like A Prayer'playing in the background. Different Night, Same Torture is a visual feast and an interesting approach to religious themed material. There is a dark theme going on in the short but I don't think you could classify this as horror in the traditional sense. I would probably go with it being more of a dark, ambient and experimental style short film. Regardless of what it is, it's definitely unique and entertaining. I understand the dvd was sold in a limited release which has since been sold out but shall be re-released sometime in December. Contact Tim Rabentstein on Facebook or look up AE Filmkunst to get some info on their releases.

My rating: 3 out of 5


Produced by:  Tim Rabenstein, Herzog F.
Cinematography by: Tim Rabenstein, Herzog F.
Editing by: Tim Rabenstein, Sander Cage, El Gore
Special Effects by: Tim Rabenstein, Herzog F.
Music by: Musica Non Grata, Sado Messiah Productions
Language: None
Color: Color

Distributor: AE Filmkunst


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