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lördag 29 december 2018


Directed by: Tim Rabenstein
Written by: Tim Rabenstein
Stars:  Marcel Rausch

Country: Germany
Style: Arthouse | Short
Runtime: 21min

German Black Metal-style gore-short steeped in satanic overtones here. We get lots of disturbing imagery of bloody upside down crosses, snow covered forests and religious emblems covered in blood. This is a project done by a bunch of familiar names to me from other various German underground productions I've watched and reviewed such as the team from 'Grindhouse Films' responsible for the infamous 'Snuff Tape Anthology', 'Isolation' and 'The Ghouls Night Out Trilogy'. We also get names essential to the scene such as Jochen Stephan (Blutnacht 1 and 2) and El Excremento (Bigfoot, Der Henker 1 and 2).

The main man behind the project Tim Rabenstein is also a familiar face to the brood of underground German sickness by gracing such titles as 'The Snuff Tape' series. With a little help from his friends he delivers his nightmarish vision of possessed horror and black witchery infused madness. Blutkreis is a short witchcraft infested deity with its heart truly planted by the seeds of evil. I think what works well with this short film is the setting and most importantly the atmosphere which is achieved easily with the ominous location used. For this type of low budget production the look and feel of it really works wonders and we get some memorable camera work.

The plot (which I was graciously given an English synopsis by the film makers as the movie is in German with no English subtitles) follows a guy who's dipping into the black arts and opens a gateway to the past. He kills a by passer in the woods and then sets off a turn of events which result in a cycle or bloodcycle of resurrection, the undead coming back to life and more grotesque murder which in turn begins an endless cycle of life and death.

The music by the band On Horns Impaled is crushing and suits the movie to a tee, this reviewer will be checking out their musical endeavors as I was highly impressed. The gore effects were hit and miss but it's to be expected with these types of films. We get a scene of a baby being bludgeoned to death with a hammer then eviscerated, it was mildly effective but obvious a fake doll was used to get the end result (I guess getting real life babies on the black market to use for on screen murder rituals is out of the question). We also get some other gut pulling action and a couple of impalement's which are satisfactory.

The short is about 17 minutes long including the end credits and then we are treated to some behind the scenes footage of the crew making the magic happen for the movie. I love at how quickly these low budget German productions can be achieved and at the quality they aspire to in such a short period of time, its very impressive and I commend the crew on getting the most out of everything to unleash this short film of unholy evil and darkness.

Check out the Blutkreis page online to secure yourself a copy and special thanks to these guys for letting me into the world of Bloodcycle.

My rating: 3 out of 5


Produced by:  Grindhouse Films, Jochen Stephan, El Excremento
Cinematography by: Tim Rabenstein
Editing by: Fab
Special Effects by: The collaboration of the entire film crew.
Music by: On Horns Impaled
Language: German
Color: Color

Distributor: AE Filmkunst / Grindhouse Films


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