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lördag 6 oktober 2018


Artist: Astaroth Incarnate
Released: 2017-09-08
Style: Black Metal | Death Metal
Runtime: 32:13

Sam Astaroth and crew deliver this whirlwind of a release at home on CDN records. Big production and powerful sound which absolutely levels the black/death metal playing field. These dudes from Toronto Canada are bringing a sound mostly found in European centers when it comes to nihilistic, dark and powerful sounding death metal. This ep just screams to those with an expert ear in superior sounding quality metal.

Clocking in at over 30 minutes with five tracks we are given some monumental displays of sheer aggression, technical prowess and primitive brutality. With comparisons to acts like Behemoth and Gojira this group delivers their unique take on black metal infused stylings with a melodic and in some cases brutal death metal sound. The vocals by Sam Astaroth are powerful and he delivers two distinct deliveries with raspy black metal tortured screams and delving into a guttural brutal death style vocals.

The guitar work of Pablo Sagastume and Ric Galvez on 'Sanctum Of Torment' really come upfront with sheer brutal sonic tranquility. Sanctum is probably my favorite song on the release. Despite its over 9 minute run time it really nails down what I think the band has to offer in terms of arrangements and style. The drumming on 'Curse Of The Black Plague' is jaw dropping, not only in sheer ferocity of blast beats but in mid tempo pacing in particular cases.

Astaroth Incarnate impress with this EP and if its an indication of what they have to offer on an upcoming full length then they are going to rule the metal scene in Canada and abroad its that good. Sporting a technical and memorable style in the black metal vein, Omnipotence: The Infinite Darkness is a release which should scooped up by metal fans looking for new quality material.


Astaroth (Sam) - Vocals/lyrics
Pablo Sagastune - Guitars
Ric Galvez - Guitars
Sergio Moyano - Bass
Émile Giordan - Drums

Label: CDN Records
Country: Canada



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