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måndag 8 oktober 2018


Artist: Archspire
Released: 2017-09-22
Style: Technical Death Metal
Runtime: 30:37

Canadian ultra technical death metallers Archspire impress once again by even outdoing their previous effort The Lucid Collective which is an amazing feat in itself. Relentless mutation is a whirlwind of weaving riffs, unfathomable machine gun blast beats with intricate and precise guitar and bass work which encompasses the whole release and never lets up. Relentless Mutation is one of the top metal releases I've had the pleasure to listen to in 2017, its just a marvel of expertly crafted technical metal.

Archspire waste no time on this record, it's in your face and down your throat. Lots of great memorable moments including the opening track Involuntary Doppelganger which was also the first song released publicly and its easy to see why. The intro to the song Calamus Will Animate reminds me a one of those old fashioned type writers clicking, its probably the coolest moment on the album.

The vocal delivery acts as a catalyst to the speed of the music and blasts through equally as powerful and as fast. The cover art for Relentless Mutation is very cool as well, we get this trippy picture of a person or being pulling their face apart while this black ooze is emitted which also has little faces in it.

All metal fans will appreciate this one, it's just all around powerful stuff and a joy to listen to, I got goose bumps during particular parts its that good. All songs clock in around the four minute mark excluding the final track titled A Dark Horizontal and we get 7 songs in total which is definitely not a lot but so says the cliche quality before quantity. Relentless Mutation is quick, jaw dropping and highly entertaining, its worth repeated listens and worth listening to from start to finish every time. Archspire definitely hold the torch high in respect to delivering one of the best I've heard in awhile.


Spencer Prewett - drums
Tobi Morelli - Guitars
Dean Lamb - Guitars
Oli Peters - Vocals
Jared Smith - Bass

Label: Season of Mist Records

Country: Canada



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