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måndag 24 september 2018

WALGING (2018)

Directed by: Wesley Remory
Written by: Wesley Remory
Stars:  Vanessa Mareels

Country: Belgium
Style: Short
Runtime: 10min

Belgian horror collector/director Wesley Remory returns with his latest short Walging translated meaning Disgust. In 2017 I watched and reviewed Remory's previous short 'Verbintenis' translated meaning Obligation. Remory and crew are displaying some fine film making chops with their short films. Clocking in at 10 minutes it definitely takes a knowledge and skill of knowing how you want to get your message across as a story teller.

I'm nothing but impressed with what Remory has accomplished here with Walging. A short film steeped in much atmosphere, darkness and morbid fascination. There are no lines of dialogue spoken in Walging but the journey of darkness is a clear one and fairly easy to interpret. With an atmospheric back drop accompanied with some absolutely chilling music Walging slowly unfolds as we follow a figure walking through a field which leads to a bunch of abandoned houses. Once inside we see a rotting corpse on a bed which leads to an unexpected outcome.

The score for Walging was highly impressive and added that extra layer of effectiveness in conveying the films message. The camera work is professional looking and done in a beautiful scenic fashion in the country side setting. I was fortunate enough to speak with Remory regarding his inspiration and the strong message about pedophilia he included at the end of the short. Remory is a father himself and has a very strong opinion on the subject as myself and most parents who agree pedophiles are a disease which should be systematically executed and eradicated from the earth.

Remory was weary about going into such subject matter but felt he had to carry on and get the message out there. He also enlisted a child actor in which was only aware of their particular part, received permission from the parents and made sure they had nothing to do with the horror which takes place earlier in the film. Intrigued yet about Walging? You should be and I highly recommend checking it out. It is probably one of the finest and well made short films I've had the pleasure of watching this year. Its simple, clean and horrifying. A well made excursion into the darkness of humanity, repercussions and the scarring of human torment.

My rating: 4 out of 5


Produced by:  Wesley Remory
Cinematography by: Wesley Remory
Editing by: Wesley Remory
Special Effects by: Wesley Remory
Music by: Wesley Remory, Steven Van Cauwenbergh
Language: None
Color: Color

DistributorMidsplatternight Pictures


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