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söndag 16 september 2018


Artist: Murdered
Released: 2018-08-24
Style: Brutal Death Metal
Runtime: 36:32

Hailing from Portland, Oregon brutal death metal musician Justin McNeil has been busier than a dog with two dicks. With his name attached to a number of different projects McNeil got in touch with me due to the band Existential Dissipation hailing from Toronto Canada. I reviewed a recent 3 way split featuring Gape, Existential Dissipation and Displeased Disfigurement titled International Solidification.'. You should definitely pick it up from because it features 3 quality brutal death metal bands worthy of your time and money.

McNeil wanted me to check out his one man project simply titled Murdered. Murdered's release also simple and to the point titled Killed to Death has also been released by CDN Records. Killed By Death features 10 tracks of down and dirty brutal death metal. Stripped down, to the roots brutality all done by McNeil himself. Vocals that resemble violent queefs from a pigs asshole, mid-tempo to ultra machine gun fast bursting drumming and sludgy guitars reign throughout the ten songs. Enlightening titles such as Rotting Retard, Psychotic Defecation and my personal favorite song on the album Demented Degenerate.

Murdered have released an ep, a demo and a cover single of Mayhem's classic Deathcrush, Killed To Death is the first full length. McNeil is also in the bands Jesus Wept, Necroexophilia, Molested and Incestuous Impregnation. You can check out Murdered Killed to Death on Bandcamp

If your looking for some quality brutal death metal its amazing what McNeil has done here as a one man project. There has been some great one man death/grind bands out there such as Putrid Pile, Bloodsoaked and Mastectomy, Murdered is no exception. Also check out to discover some other new talent, the labels roster is one of the most amazing right now and they always have insane deals, they are practically giving away cd's , its insane. Drop by CDN Records and pick up Murdered Killed to Death and International Solidification but beware your head and sanity may never be the same again suffering from those insane slams.


Justin McNeil - Everything

Country: USA



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