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söndag 23 september 2018


Directed by: Doug Gerber, Caleb Pennypacker
Written by: Doug Gerber, Caleb Pennypacker
Stars:  Kevin Kenny, Samantha Bogach, Jamie Greco... read more

Country: USA
Style: Extreme
Runtime: 1h 33min

Once in awhile a film comes along which is so memorable it sticks with you. Crazy Murder is one of those films and I guarantee anyone who has the stomach to sit down and watch it will never forget it. I've watched all sorts of gruesome shit and not much surprises me anymore in the terms of underground horror. There are fortunately films such as Crazy Murder that I view that make such an impression on me and when they do I have to praise them no matter how poor in taste they are.

The directing duo of Doug Gerber and Caleb Pennypacker deliver this twisted tale of urban decay and depravity. We get a homeless man played by Kevin Kenny simply known as "the killer" who we follow on his days on the streets of New York. The film goes thorough the seasons and features the homeless maniac killing mostly by stabbing random people in gruesome fashion on the street. Kenny's character also spends his time ranting crazy nonsensical garble, shitting himself, eating it, rubbing it on everything and so forth. Crazy Murder has some intense scenes and is basically a 90 minute debacle of jaw dropping carnage.

Crazy Murder had me hooked, I couldn't look away and the sickening scenes had me glued to the screen from start to finish. Maybe I'm sick but It was a morbidly fascinating excursion and Kenny played a gleefully realistic murderous schizo homeless man hellbent on the destruction of random bystanders. So many memorable scenes and some very well done and nauseating make-up effects. Kevin Kenny lets all the insanity out on the screen in this one as the main character who simply goes on these batshit cray rants and kills people as the sole plot point of the film. Kenny is a talented stand up comedian and actor from his bio, he plays this role disturbingly well.

One of the directors Caleb Pennypacker is an accomplished visual effects artist for a lot of big Hollywood productions such as Solo, Ant-Man, Ready Player One, Jurassic World and many more. Brain Damage Films is a strange now defunct company known for releasing some hit or miss titles, they also remind me of Wild Eye Releasing who do much of the same. Brain Damage Films were also well known for releasing the original Traces Of Death series which was originally done by Dead Alive Productions.

Crazy Murder is more than deserving of a blu ray release, I'd love to see it, the film should really be more of a recognized cult offering. My guess is the extreme content and bad taste has swept it under the rug somewhat. It doesn't seem like its the kind of film one would want to show up on their resume. Although it may not be the poignant social commentary about homeless people some would hope for it does make some valid points on the homeless problem and how it is swept under the rug and ignored.

Homeless people are clearly visible but also highly ignored and in the case of Crazy Murder the killer does a lot of disgusting things but even when he goes on a killing spree he is never confronted by authorities or anyone for that matter. I was hoping for more of a wrap up with the ending, I was thinking this guy can't get away with the murder of 20-30 people he brutally kills in public places in this. Some memorable kills include the killer taking a womans baby and bashing its head against the pavement into a cloud of red goo then killing the mother, he goes on a hammer smashing spree absolutely bashing in random peoples faces, the most memorable scene has the killer rigging up this garbage bag costume which he dons with numerous knives running around mercilessly stabbing people. In one scene he also duct tapes a knife to his mouth as a stabbing device.

The montage of feces scenes are also stomach turning insane as the killer flings, smears and eats shit in all different fashions. He even approaches a woman who in his delusional mind shows interest in him but is in actuality disgusted by his face crusted in dried up fecal matter. I can't praise Crazy Murder enough. There is not another film out there like this that you will ever find, its never been done. Its almost like a twisted documentary but obviously and hopefully exaggerated. Crazy Murder is available knowingly by the directors as its listed on the Facebook page that it's free on YouTube, its also available to stream on Amazon Prime. I recommend picking up a physical DVD because the movie is pure and absolute insanity and not to be missed if you are a connoisseur of extreme underground cinema.

My rating: 4 out of 5


Produced by:  Doug Gerber, Caleb Pennypacker, Stephen Saveski
Cinematography by: Doug Gerber, Caleb Pennypacker
Editing by: Doug Gerber, Caleb Pennypacker
Special Effects by: Doug Gerber, Caleb Pennypacker
Music by: Cat Piss Clothes
Language: English
Color: Color

DistributorBrain Damage Films


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