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söndag 23 september 2018


Artist: Aborted Fetus
Released: 2018-05-11
Style: Brutal Death Metal
Runtime: 48:14

Perm Russia is the home of brutal death metal outfit Aborted Fetus. These guys have been around paying their dues as this is their sixth full length album and their third for Comatose Music. Their previous full length titled The Violent Art Of Torture was my first exposure to them and I was impressed with their style of well produced and tight knit style of brutal death.

Hot off the heals of The Violent Art Of Torture with only a year in between they have unleashed The Ancient Spirits Of Decay and its possibly their most mature and well made album to date.

In the same vein as The Violent Art Of Torture, Ancient Spirits Of Decay follows the theme of med-evil tortures. I think the theme is brilliant as they cover a plethora of methods of torture used in the dark ages. Aborted Fetus have done themselves justice here with rolling with the classical torture theme, so much so they had me doing my own research on the different methods and devices used. Where Ancient Spirits Of Decay differs from The Violent Art Of Torture is a change in pace and style.

The vocals have become more unique to the band and not just generic and guttural, they have a sludginess to them, more of a down tuned zombie with a frog stuck in his throat style if this makes any sense! Regardless the vocals are killer here. The music has a lot more groove to it featuring many different tempo changes and not everything is clocked in with nonstop blast beats, some of the best parts are mid tempo changes and nice consistent chugging along song structures. Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of blasts and brutality as well but there are some nice change ups.

Some songs such as Cradle Of Revulsion and the musical outro Follow Into The Darkness really evoke a great foreboding song structure of doom and ambiance. The song Beheaded On The Guillotine is a prime example of some great tempo changes with some nice groove and then songs such as Genital Torture By The Alligator Tongs, Roasted Alive In The Copper Bulls Stomach are great example of some full on brutality. Ancient Spirits Of Decay is definitely the twisted brother of The Violent Art Of Torture. I personally recommend picking up both and studying up on your history of med-evil torture techniques. Ancient Spirits Of Decay is a solid brutal death release which offers a nice mixture of songs, I think the band have changed it up nicely while still staying true to the hardcore brutal death metal style.


Alexander "Meatgrinder" Andreev - Vocals, Guitars
Sergey Shchapov - Bass
Sergey "Hammer" Kulakov - Drums
Igor Stafeev - Vocals

Label: Comatose Music
Country: Russia



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