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fredag 17 augusti 2018


Artist: VHS
Released: 2018-08-24
Style: Death Metal | Thrash Metal | Grindcore
Runtime: 29:31

Canadian horror death machine Violent Homicidal Slasher return to unleash their second full length release since Screaming Mad Gore on Splatter Zombie Records in 2016. Hailing from Ontario Canada VHS have their tongues firmly planted in their horror movie cheeks. The New Batch features a number of horror inspired tales as the band weave their stories using their brand of grinding death metal madness.

Released on the amazing Rotten Roll Rex VHS have come out stabbing everything in its path. The band have vomited out 16 tracks with two serving as a campy intro/outro. VHS are all about the retro horror style. They love the long gone feeling of entering a video store like people did in the 80's and 90's and searching the horror shelves for the most devious horror tapes. While listening to The New Batch you get that horror nostalgia. Horror and death metal go hand in hand for some, including myself, the subject matter of both death metal band and horror gore is nothing short of what peanut butter is to chocolate, the perfect melding.

The New Batch also features some songs for the future of indie horror such as the tracks Wrestlemassacre and From The Scrapyard To The Graveyard. Both of these songs are featured in films for current indie underground director Brad Twigg who has been a long time supporter of the band. From The Scrapyard To The Graveyard was heard in Twigg's gory as hell good time throwback slasher 'Killer Campout' (2017) and Wrestlemassacre is for Twigg's upcoming feature of the same name.

The New Batch also features some appearances from a couple of people from some bands you might have heard of. Maniac Neil from Frightmare, Blood Freak and Lord Gore makes an appearance. Stevo from a little band known as Impetigo makes a guest appearance. Dave Ingram from the noteworthy cult U.K. death metal band Benediction is on here. We also get some local Canadian talent from the sick vocals of Bob Shaw of Existential Dissipation and formerly of the awesome Cuff.

Most of the titles speak for themselves as songs like Freudstein from 'House By The Cemetery', Garbage Day from 'Silent Night Deadly Night 2', Herbert West from 'Re-animator' and so fourth. One hilarious title is Junkyard Dick Toss which pays homage to an infamous scene in the splatter classic 'Street Trash'. We even get a song homage to an underrated Umberto Lenzi classic in 'Nightmare Beach'.

Front man Mike Hochins has an unmistakable scratchy growling vocal style with some deeper snarling overtones. The band comes together with their punchy sound of rock n' roll death metal groove. Keeping everything upbeat while also going with some mid paced tracks everything works well on here and will be eaten up by horror movie and death metal aficionados everywhere. The cover art is a masterpiece within itself and features everything from 'My Pet Monster' to 'Madballs' to 'He-Man', the glory days of my childhood. A wonderful release, you can pick it up digitally on bandcamp or contact the band personally on Facebook, they are very responsive. Mike Hochins can also be reached easily on Facebook and Rotten Roll Rex also carry the disc.


James Laukka - Bass
Andy Middaugh - Drums
Mike Hochins - Vocals, Guitars

Stevo - Vocals
Dave Ingram - Vocals
Maniac Neil - Vocals
Bob Shaw - Vocals

Label: Rotten Roll Rex
Country: Canada



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