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onsdag 8 augusti 2018


Directed by: Michael Bellamy
Written by: Michael Bellamy
Stars:  Michael Bellamy

Country: USA
Style: Short
Runtime: 19min

The young indie film maker from Texas returns with a tale of karma in Tape Of Karma. After checking out some of Bellamy's previous work he sent me his latest short film so I had to check out what kind of crazy lo-fi splatter he has been up to recently. Coming in at just over nineteen minutes Tape Of Karma is a fun, crazed and entertaining homemade low budget splatter fest made with a passion and love for the underground gore film sub genre.

Tape Of Karma tells the tale of Bellamy as a gorehound named Marvin. In typical fashion Marvin is on a never ending quest to find the most vile and underground gore films imaginable. This scenario may sound very familiar to most people who share the same passion of wading through the darkest depths to find the most horrifying independent movie projects. Marvin has compiled a collection of the latest and greatest gore films and has plans to invite his friends over for a nonstop goreathon.

What ensues features Bellamy literally making and acting in the whole short film himself.There is not much outside assistance something which I found refreshing. Bellamy takes a very do it yourself indie attitude which film makers looking to get into this type of stuff could learn a few things from.. Bellamy plays all of the characters in the short himself and basically has conversations with each of them going back and forth. I found this approach inventive and once again relying on his own skills, tricks and techniques in getting Tape Of Karma done.

Marvin and crew miss a tape during their movie night so he calls his buddies back to finish what they started. The aforementioned tape has what seems to be a very foul smelling piece of flesh or meat as the label attached to it. They put in the tape and a strange and ominous message is displayed along with a bunch of nightmarish images. Soon Marvin and co. find themselves in the clutch of a darkness which wants to consume and destroy them.

Lots of great zero budget splatter effects result including exploding scrotums, heads and more. The abundance of humor and gore makes Tape Of Karma an entertaining viewing experience especially for those into low budget indie cinema. The film has the ability to be light hearted and at the same time more serious in delivery with the terror/gore aspect. Check it out and look up Shot On Video Films on Facebook or contact Michael Bellamy who has a bunch of other material you may want to check out.

My rating: 3.5 out of 5


Produced by:  Michael Bellamy
Cinematography by: Michael Bellamy
Editing by: Michael Bellamy
Special Effects by: Michael Bellamy
Music by: Michael Bellamy
Language: English
Color: Color

Distributor: Shot On Video Films


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