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onsdag 15 augusti 2018


Artist: Syphilic
Released: 2018-01-26
Style: Brutal Death Metal
Runtime: 42:44

Unrelenting brutality abound can be found within the monstrosity of this controversial slab of chaotic social festering brutal death/grind. Hailing from Detroit Syphilic has been around since 2005 and has been the brainchild of sole founding member Brian Forgue. Focusing on familiar sick territory which many brutal death bands delve into with sick fetishes and sexual mutilation/torture.

Syphilic have switched gears with In The Pen in terms of content. Since their last full length The Indicted States Of America we see an inhuman theme revolving around the police. Whether its the police as victims as on the cover of Indicted States or its the cops inflicting a dose of police brutality as very apparent on the controversial cover of In The Pen. As the cover reflects the style of brutality found within the album. We get a variety of samples from various botched incidents whether its shootings, stand offs or suicidal murderous police officers.

This police theme makes Syphilic stick out from the pack. The band is also signed to label Luxor Records which actually do not specialize in brutal death metal acts. Luxor Records host bands such as Jungle Rot but usually stuff such as Earth Crisis, Integrity and other metal core bands. I believe Luxor used to be Victory Records, a label which specialized in straight edge bands such as Strife, Snapcase and Earth Crisis. Syphilic stick out like a sore thumb on this label, their previous label Sevared Records would seem like more of a fit content wise but who am I to judge.

I gotta say, In The Pen is a captivating exercise in soul shattering intensity. Nonstop gurgling of the vox, the drumming by session drummer Darren Cesca from Deeds Of Flesh is highly complex and has the power to melt the flesh from your face. The lyrical content is some of the most extreme and depraved you will ever read especially on tracks such as Peace Out, a song which is told in first person from the mind of a disturbed policeman who kills his family.

The cover for the release has already undergone some altering from when it was originally released. On the original cover which depicts a group of policemen brutally roughing up a black suspect by restraining him, choking him and using a taser on his penis which has slipped out the side of his underwear. When I see the cover now the penis is covered up and the many nazi/racist tattoos which were seen on the police officers such as swastikas and an SS logo are no longer there.

Syphilic have a unique and original style here, the energy and sheer ferocity on this record is second to none. Its biggest downfall is the repetitive slump many similar bands fall into with many of the tracks being similar except for the samples laced in between songs. Overall, one of the most insane and punishing releases of 2018, witness the absolute savagery that is In The Pen.


Brian Forgue - Guitars, Vocals
Darren Cesca - Drums, Vocals
Shaun Stiles - Bass
Adam Mason - Vocals

Label: Luxor Records
Country: USA



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