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fredag 17 augusti 2018


Artist: Mastectomy
Released: 2017-02-22
Style: Brutal Death Metal
Runtime: 50:44

From Poland comes this one-man wrecking crew of brutal death metal. Adam Nowak is the man responsible for delivering some of the most punishing and devastating brutal death metal I've had the pleasure of listening to. Signed to the U.K. label 'Rotten Music' Mastectomy has released a split in 2015 titled 'Gutted By One Man' accompanied by like minded acts such as Bonesaw Lobotomy, Hate Inclination and Numbered With Transgressors. Mastectomy also released an EP in 2014 titled 'Brutality Is The Rule'.

2017 has seen the release of the first full length appropriately titled 'Hell On Earth'. The theme and the hellish artwork of a soldier holding a dead body of a woman and screaming in agony with a virtual apocalyptic backdrop fits in with the twisted themes in the release. The intro titled 'Destroying The Monument Of Holy Mary' is a disturbing way to begin the release as an instrumental which has this crazy sample of what seems to be people singing during a church service which is violently interrupted.

Even though this is a one-man show I am pleased with the sound and production of all the instruments. The drums for me and the quality of them is a very essential element in any brutal death release and usually with a lot of two man or one man projects they have a redundant or monotonous sound. Fortunately with 'Hell On Earth' the drumming is machine-gun fast, it sounds authentic and has an absolutely precise snap of the snare and thumping of the double kicks - it just plain kills in execution. The drumming is absolutely relentless and savage on this, its simply jaw dropping and intense.

I love the menacing sound of the bass as well, it's also very prevalent in the mix and adds an extra layer to the brutality featured in 'Hell On Earth'. The sonic insanity of the guitars is mind boggling as well and controls every song in a sequence of evil chords melding in controlled chaos with all the other instruments. Every track is an in your face assault with titles such as 'Repulsive Inhuman Bestiality', 'Global Cesspool', 'Beat Down That Fucking Bitch' and 'Family Execution'. For extra effect we also get some great relative samples thrown in to deliver the ands message further.

The method of Mastectomy is clear, destroy everything in its path with a sonic assault of unrelenting brutality. Every fan of brutal death needs this release in their collection, after repeated listens it keeps getting better and better. As the name implies this truly is the soundtrack to Hell On Earth.


Adam Novak - Everything

Label: Rotten Music
Country: Poland



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