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lördag 18 augusti 2018


Artist: Gape | Displeased Disfigurement | Existential Dissipation
Released: 2018-06-01
Style: Brutal Death Metal
Runtime: 33:09

CDN Records have released another pulverizer of a split with International Solidification. The three bands on the release have definitely confirmed their solid foundation of elite slamming brutal death metal. Containing three tracks respectfully from each band that showcase the primal and intricate rhythms of aural destruction which are imminent in permanently causing brain damage upon the listener.

Fans of only the most brutal death metal will be lavishing in repeated listenings to this one, its that addictive and fun to get into if you appreciate the style displayed.

First up from Tasmania Australia is Gape. A band whose name I appreciate and love to ponder the thought of its meaning in my rotting brain. Gape have a very clean sounding style instrumentally and the vocals are an addictive gurgling symphony always complimenting the carnage of the musicianship. Gape also manage to do some great time changes, tempos and feature some experimental parts in the three songs they orchestrate on here. They never get boring and bring lots of original sound to this split so I commend them.

I remember reviewing Displeased Disfigurement's Origin Of Abhorrence awhile back and the band never disappoint with their style of relentless, technical and face melting assault of brutal death. Blistering arrangements, the vox are thick and putrid toilet flushing throated nausea. The three tracks just rip complete ass and never let up during the duration. The dual vocal style's compliment each other and offer up a prime example of the amazing brutal death metal repertoire South Africa's endless brutal death machine has to offer.

Canada's Existential Dissipation have been working hard and keeping busy by getting their name out there. With premiering an exclusive track, putting out a promo CD and playing some live shows they have contributed some great material for this split. Including a demo of a track which was the first one released by them upon their formation with Devoured, Decayed, Displayed. The vocals by Bob Shaw are absolutely inhuman and unforgettable. You may have heard of him in the previous band Cuff. If you haven't and you enjoy what Existential Dissipation have to offer then you might want to give Cuff a listen as well because you will never forget the godly gurglefest that awaits.

Three solid brutal slamming death metal bands come together for this three way split. The result is something brutal death freaks will no doubt eat up as the bands are at the top of their game and provide an array of quality material for listeners to sink their blood stained teeth into. Check out and order yourself a copy of International Solidification Split.


T.J. Quim Quimby - Guitars
Rockstar - Vocals
Ram Rod - Bass
Pat the Rat - Drums
Blue Cheese - Guitars

Displeased Disfigurement:
Dominic Vorster - Bass, Vocals
Mitch Wilken - Guitars
Darius Wilken - Guitars
Riaan Els - Drums
Theo Durand - Vocals

Existential Dissipation:
Franky D'Alimonte - Guitars, Vocals (backing)
Bob Shaw - Vocals (lead)
Kyle Lam - Bass
Justin McNeil - Drums

Country: Australia | Canada | South Africa


Displeased Disfigurement

Existential Dissipation


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