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fredag 31 augusti 2018


Artist: Gorelust
Released: 2015-02-15
Style: Brutal Death Metal
Runtime: 30:46

The savage french Canadian brutal death metalers return after 20 years to wreak havoc once again on those who ears can withstand the savage technical assault. After releasing a demo in 1993, then a split tape with Morkeum in 1994 Gore-lust released their first full length CD in 1995 on New World Symphony Records. It received a great response among fans and I still consider it one of the best and tightest pieces of punishing and techni-cal death metal on the market today.

In 2012 Remi Cote of PRC music decided to re-release Reign Of Lunacy with updated artwork and the response was strong. This caused a reaction in the former band members and prompted them to say fuck it, lets do a follow up album to Reign Of Lunacy and thus We Are The Undead was born.

What Gorelust have unleashed is a piece of raw sounding but at the same time highly technical and even sometimes catchy (as in the case of the song 'There Is No God'). They have recorded it in the studio with no drum edits, triggers or samples. They have taken the model if you can't play it, don't record it. The opening song is an obvious tribute to Reign Of Lunacy with Lunacy Still Prevails featuring samples from the intro to The Reign Of Lunacy CD.

All 9 tracks on this CD are uncompromising, well played and sometimes moshy slamming death metal as tight as ever. You can check out some very cool album sessions on YouTube of the band rehearsing, the drumming by Francis Marmen is insane!

We Are The Undead is a solid follow up, not sure if can quite capture the exact same technical speed Reign Of Lunacy possessed but it still slays heavily. My favorite song is definitely 'There Is No God' but 'Entering The Kill Fest' and 'City Of Cannibals' come damn close. Quebec death metal has been a forerunner in Canada for years with such break out acts as Goreguts who have transcended and become a steam rolling technical machine.

With the cd booklet art as a tribute to Reign Of Lunacy and all original members back on duties lets hope they can pump out a couple more albums before they throw in the towel for good. If you like tight brutal death metal then you'll devour We Are The Undead. All hail Canadian Death Metal and all hail the mighty Gorelust!!!


Pascal Chevrier - Bass
Francis Marmen - Drums
Martin Fournier - Guitars
Jean Beaulieu - Vocals

Label: PRC Music
Country: Canada



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