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lördag 11 augusti 2018


Artist: Antropofagus
Released: 2017-05-12
Style: Brutal Death Metal
Runtime: 36:24

Latest from brutal death outfit Antropofagus from Italy on Comatose Music. The intro Whirlwind Of Initiation drops us into the brutal abyss right off from the start into Spawn Of Chaos. Inhuman machine gun drumming and double kicks permeate with a big crisp production and a brutality and conviction which delivers an intense experience for the listener. Tight, relentless and uncompromising release.

The band has recently parted ways with vocalist Tya after this release and have since enlisted the vocal duties of Paolo Pabs Chiti who fronts the equally impressive brutal death band Devangelic. Despite his departure Tya gives a mind plundering vocal performance on M.O.R.T.E. and his powerful guttural vocal style results in the hair standing up on your arms its that intense. This is another quality brutal death release and it just rips serious ass if you're looking for brutal and intense material, you have purchased the right album, this one is violent as it is fast.

Some great mid tempo changes and breakdowns but it relies on a lot of rapid fire speed to carry the weight with ease. Brutal Dave is a machine on those drums pounding out the blissful ecstasy inducing blast beats and refusing you any mercy to come up for air. The drumming is as fast as it is intricate and technical in delivery along with the expert guitar-man-ship of meatgrinder grinding that axe deep into your skull.

Comatose Music are delivering a plethora of the finest international brutal death acts from all over the world and they share the same apocalyptic vision to destroy the senses towards total global brutal death annihilation. Methods Of Resurrection Through Evisceration is a dominating release and fans of brutal death are in for a treat because this one will become one of your favorites if you dig this style of musical butchery.

 We get pure quality sound too, its all here in this beautifully brutal package in high quality delivery concluded by a shredding cover of Living In Fear by Malevolent Creation. Pick up Methods Of Resurrection Through Evisceration and bathe in the bloody carnage that Antropofagus bring to the table. This is for fans of brutal death who want a transcending delivery and a tight execution, it slays to no end.


Meatgrinder - Guitars
Tya - Vocals
Jacopo Rossi - Bass
Davide Brutal Dave Billia - Drums

Label:  Comatose Music
Country: Italy



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