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torsdag 26 juli 2018


Directed by: Andrey Iskanov
Written by: Andrey Iskanov
Stars:  Elena Andrews, Anastasia Asafova, Anatoliy Bogdanov... read more

Country: Russia
Style: Extreme
Runtime: 1h 25min

Russian rogue film maker Andrey Iskanov follows up his film Nails with another atmospheric mind fuck in Visions Of Suffering. Soon to be available in a definitive final directors cut from Last Exit Entertainment out of Sweden this August. Last Exit Entertainment have also teamed up with the director to officially release his other films including Nails.

Iskanov is a controversial and out spoken artist who is looking to push the envelope in terms of shocking and mind numbing material. Offering a visceral edge in his execution and a sharp mind altering approach which crashes through boundaries when you think of conventional film making.

I have never watched the original cut of Visions Of Suffering but if this is the best cut of the film as the director intended there is really no need to see anything else. Nothing can prepare you for the ocular onslaught of violent, carnal and perverted images which are in store. Having a very music video like quality in terms of an industrial cyber punk trip headlong into absolute carnage.

There are some genuinely frightening scenes throughout the film and probably one of my favorite being the correlation Iskanov creates between sex and bodily mutilation. He uses footage of ravishing and lust filled sexual intercourse to pave the way for graphic titillation. What's different here is the way in which he conveys the images. They are actually never truly laced with wall splashing splatter instead portrayed as more cerebral and mind numbing with sickening audio effects, tentacle like underlining and skin crawling precision.

Underneath it all, the story is quite simple although you might get lost in the translation when digging for simplicity. How the film is unfolded may leave you scratching your head and needing a second viewing. I would say there is a definite style over substance with Visions Of Suffering Final Directors Cut. I would also like to point out that its a film you need to sit back, relax and enjoy the nightmarish ride it takes you on.

The story has a character named Sasha (Alexander Shevchenko) who is plagued with bizarre dreams. His phone seems to be acting up so he calls a repair man.The phone repair man played by Victor Silken then tells Sasha of vampires who use different frequencies through the phone lines as a means of communication. It seems as if the vampires want Sasha and begin to surround his apartment complex. Meanwhile sasha's girlfriend Vika (Anatasia Asafova) is busy on an erotic photo shoot. Sasha urges her to drop by the apartment to help him and explains what is happening. Finally after the vampires begin to lay siege to his apartment Sasha enlists the help of a man by the name of Brandt (director Andrey Iskanov) who may be his only hope.

Visions Of Suffering is a very visually satisfying film overall for those longing for dark and morbid content. The erotic female vampires with their naked and twisting but still arousing bodies. Its a feast for the senses, stimulating with graphic sex and horrifying and unabashedly unique in its approach and execution. Andrey Iskanov is a dangerous film maker and with Visions Of Suffering Final Directors cut he has proved his vision will not be compromised.

My rating: 4 out of 5


Produced by:  Andrey Iskanov
Cinematography by: Andrey Iskanov
Editing by: Andrey Iskanov
Special Effects by: Andrey Iskanov
Music by: Zinc Room, Purple Eve, Beta Evers, Inconsolable Ghost
Language: Russian
Color: Color

DistributorLast Exit Entertainment


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