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söndag 8 juli 2018

PATHOLOGY - S/T (2017)

Artist: Pathology
Released: 2017-01-21
Style: Brutal Death Metal
Runtime: 31:56

Brutal Death Metal is alive and well in the U.S. as San Diego, California's punishing outfit Pathology release their astonishing 9th album. If one thing is certain with this self titled release is that traditional back to brutal stripped down to the roots brutal death prevails and outlasts all.

Formed in 2006 these guys have put in the work consistently releasing plenty of material to appease your lust for to the point, go for the jugular, no fucking around brutal death anthems.

No intros, no movie samples, just pure brutal death shoved down your fucking throat which will have you gagging like its overflowing with broken shards of glass. From the opening track Lamentation to the closer Vermilion you won't be able to catch your breath from the constant blast beats, gurgling vocals, low end heavy bass-lines and tormenting guitar work. The vocals on this are compliments of Matti Way, the vocalist for such cult brutal death acts as Disgorge. Way delivered two of the most guttural vocal performances on Disgorge's classic Cranial Impalement and She Lay Gutted. Way has transformed his style and re-invented it in a new and brutal way for this record which makes it as much of an instrument as any others played on this.

Everything punishes and flows on this but its safe to say the gurgling pus infected vocal performance is placed right up front amongst the madness. Drummer Dave Astor who slaughtered the skins on Cattle Decapitations Human Jerky, Homovore and To Serve Man is back to beat the heads of those drums until they bleed out. All songs hit just over the 3 minute mark and each song title is simply one word, I'm thinking these guys wanted to let their style and delivery speak for itself with this release.

The always amazing Comatose Music with their intense line up of acts have been releasing some solid material lately (Aborted Fetus, Abuse, Antropofagus, Logic Of Denial) and Pathology firmly sets its foothold in with said acts delivering the brutal juice. You can pre-order the digital album now on Band Camp for a measly $7 which gives you two tracks now and the rest when its released or you can pre-order the disc for $13 when its dropped July 21, 2017. Either way show your support for a wicked label and band.


Dave Astor - Drums
Tim Tiszczenko - Guitar, Bass
Matti Way - Vocals

Label: Comatose Music
Country: USA



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