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söndag 22 juli 2018


Directed by: Jonas Wolcher
Written by: Jonas Wolcher, Aldo Cunei, Ola Paulakoski,
Stars:  Aldo Cunei, Johan Westergren, Tommy Sporrong... read more

Country: Sweden
Style: Action
Runtime: 1h 45min

Take two cups of action, a cup of weird accents, of multiple languages, a spoon of dealmaking with Satan, sprinkle over with hilarious dialogue - And that's how you'll get "Dragonetti".

This film takes place a few days before "Die Zombiejäger" (2005), made and written by the same director, Jonas Wolcher.

If you've seen that film, then you know the kind of quality it brought, so it was a welcome surprise that "Dragonetti" was made in higher class - but don't get too excited - it's still funny, with cheesy lines and loads of superhuman punching.

We get to follow Dragonetti (Aldo Cunei), a contract killer, the best of the best. He gets hired by an old acquaintance, who is a maffia guy (Johan Westergren), that for some reason owns a persian restaurant - the same one he wants our hero to kill off two people inside off. And why he didn't just ask one of his henchmen to do this simple job is beyond me, the two targets are not a threat..

Anywho.. Mr Dragonetti is going for the job and somehow menages to make this scene in to a shootdown, so blood, bullets, and everything goes on. Even though no one else besides Dragonetti and the Maffia guy are officially involved. But a neat thing about this big scene is that the director (Jonas Volcher) makes an appearance within a cameo - that made me happy!

One dumb scene is in the beginning - a video-store where the maffia guy want's his money, but the video-store guy (Roland Hånell) is marking prices on the "Die Zombiejäger"-DVD, wich is fun, but not at all making sense.

A big plot point (at least it seams like it, backside of the DVD says it too), is that Dragonetti makes a deal with Satan to be pretty much invulnarble.

And here are the issues with that:
- He does not seem to be invulnerable in "Die Zombiejäger".
- "Nothing of the deal is mentioned or suggested in the rest of the film.
- He manageous to buy a car, some new clothes and 6 grenades from some biker-dudes with an exchange of a Shiny Satan's Tooth...(Don't know, he pulled out a tooth from his mouth and gave it to the guys as payment)

And then everything just goes cray-cray with military guys and whatnot!

This movie never the less entertaining as balls! Watch it! But watch "Die Zombiejäger" first, so that you'll get the future story.

My rating: 2 out of 5


Produced by: Jonas Wolcher
Cinematography by: Mattias Falk, Joakim S. Hammond, Victor Johansson, Jonas Wolcher
Editing by: Jonas Wolcher
Special Effects by: Sofia Adolsson, Charlotte Engström... read more
Music by: Aardia, Gustaf Grefberg
Language: Swedish, English, Italian
Color: Color

Distributor:  Sick Films


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