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fredag 15 juni 2018


Artist: Tribulation
Released: 2018-01-26
Style: Black Metal | Death Metal | Progressive Metal
Runtime: 46:40

Swedish horror band Tribulation is a fast growing installation that has been trying to evolve at a significant momentum. Before they became Tribulation they started as the Thrash Metal band 'Hazard' between 2001-2004. But after the change of bandname they released 'The Ascending Dead' and 'Putrid Rebirth', which went in a Swedish traditional old school spirit in a sense of similar bands from the scene such as 'Dissection', 'Grotesque', 'Dismember' and 'Repugnant'. 

It was first when Tribulation released 'The Horror' from 2009 via Pulverized Records as the genre exploded. Band such as 'Morbos Chron' and 'Vampire' followed their step as the main inspirations and something big would soon happen on the Swedish stage.

Tribulation has always focused on horror movie themes, but it was first with 'The Horror' we got an clear grasp of what they really want to convey to us listeners. It was there we got to know their interests in the Italian horror-scene and the sound of 70's 80's Italian prog-music. Dario Argentos 'Suspiria' (1977) was the first one I came to think of, Fabio Frizzi, Claudio Simonetti and the remaining set of Goblin sounds as a clear inspiration to them and these were the aspects that made me stuck for Tribulation - six years too late though.

It was first when their third studio album 'The Children of the Night' (2015) was released as I actually heard of Tribulation for the first time and it became one of my favorite albums pretty fast that year. 'The Horror' and their secondary album didn't really appeal to me, even though 'The Formulas of Death' (2013) had begun to develop that progressive sound that I love and which make Tribulation so unique.

The Children of the Night had everything that the development offered, which included tricky tone transitions, long and beautiful guitar solos and a touch of that kind of mysticism which is difficult to define in words. This was where their popularity would starts to grow and although Tribulation is not as underground today as they used to be, I think their new album 'Down Below' is worth mentioning here.

When The Children of the Night was released, there were many old listeners who were dissatisfied with their new traditional heavy metal sound they had produced. The listeners lost interest in their music just because its raw and aggressive undertones of death metal had disappeared. But what I liked with the new transition was the dreamy, constantly feeding surrealistic appearance in the sound and that's something they've still featured in their new album.

In Down Below, Tribulation has dared to develop themselves another step. They challenge their listeners with even more progressive and melodic tones and, among other things, in addition to the feeling of movie soundtracks, we even hear jazzy moments that sounds like similarities with the swedish musician Jan Johansson and there is also alot of Mr. Doctor and his Devil Doll all over the place. The folkjazz relationship is linked with the Italian goth prog-rock music and it makes it interesting and exciting to listen on and to constantly finding new stuff for the music is an important fragment to keep the listener awake.

Another thing that may be worth mentioning is that they have a new set for Down Below. Their formular drummer Jakob Ljungberg has been replaced with Oscar Leander (ex Deathstar) and the reason behind that may be unclear, but it makes no significant differences to the music they creat and its production in whole.

I continue to touch the surface of its subject without revealing too much details in my reviews and as I have mentioned before, I don't like to bump the legs on people, you'll have the opportunity to make your own perception of the music. But, according to my own statement, I like Down Below very much and I hope that Tribulation will continue to create new soundscapes for each upcoming album and try not to repeat themselves, which sadly is a pitfall for many artists nowadays.


Johannes Andersson - Bass, Vocals
Adam Zaars - Guitars
Jonathan Hultén - Guitars
Oscar Leander - Drums

Label: Century Media Records
Country: Sweden



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