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torsdag 28 juni 2018


Directed by: Patrick Cannon
Written by: Patrick Cannon, Thomas Ballatore, Amit Itelman
Stars: Darian Weiss, Patrick Cannon, Thomas Ballatore, Kathleen Macdonald

Country: USA
Style: Comedy | Short
Runtime: 10min

Put together like a film from the 60’s, Timmy’s Wish plays out like a sophisticated black comedy, something similar to a Kevin Smith film, mixed with some kind of twisted Twilight Zone-Tales From The Darkside-Tales From The Crypt kind of thing that may have aired on Adult Swim. It’s crude and brash but extremely well written. The intent was obviously to resemble something Hitchcockian and they knocked it out of the park.

When a young boy is sent to bed for not eating his dinner, he prays to Jesus and wishes for his parents to die. This wish is immediately granted when the boy, Timmy’s prayer session is cut short by his parents shrieking. He goes to investigate and uncovers his parents lifeless corpses covered in blood, and an equally blood spattered Jesus in the living room. Jesus winks at him and he runs for cover. Jesus follows him to his bedroom where they discuss what happened. He assumes that Timmy will be compliant in helping him dispose of the bodies, but Timmy doesn’t seem to understand what this is expected of him. He asks Jesus why he did it and Jesus responds simply with “because you asked me to.” Timmy snaps back that he didn’t mean it and he soon finds that Jesus is more of a masochist than a savior. They eventually agree that Timmy’s parents got what they deserved and begin dismembering and disposing of the corpses. Timmy obviously finds a male role model in Jesus because he pleads with him to let him kill someone next and they celebrate their successful body disposal over Timmy’s first beer and cigarette. Jesus notices that Timmy is wearing a necklace and when he checks it out he realizes that it’s a Star Of David. So, disappointed, Jesus tells him to get his own savior and undoes everything that happened that evening. Leaving Timmy to eat his Brussels sprouts and get over it. The end.

Timmy is a lot like Junior from 'Problem Child'and Jesus is similar to what someone who knows nothing about Charles Manson would compare him to. The coolest part, in my opinion, was when Timmy asked Jesus why he did it and Jesus said because he asked him to. Timmy denies it and Jesus uses Timmy’s toys like they recorded Timmy saying what he did earlier on in the film.

I really can’t stress how well made this was for such an obviously low budget film. It was incredibly well written and although both actors were rough around the edges they really delivered their lines well. The over the top acting may have even worked in this films favor as it made it seem more like something made in the 60’s.

Worth checking out for fans of Horror and comedy alike.


Produced by: Patrick Cannon
Cinematography by: Thomas Hargis
Editing by: Mac Caudill
Special Effects by: -
Music by: Win Meyerson, Ann Joshi
Language:  English
Color: Black and white

Distributor: -


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