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söndag 3 juni 2018


Directed by: Shane Mills
Written by: Francois Van Zyl
Stars:  Francois Van Zyl, Jennifer Pretty, Paul Warford, Meghan Macdonald,
Michael Jewer, Justin Wiseman, Tim Dodge, Zach Drover

Country: Canada
Style: Short | Thriller
Runtime: 14min

A cool little horror short which comes from my home island of Newfoundland, Canada. When you think of Newfoundland the last thing that crosses your mind is horror cinema, the only film that comes to mind recently is Cast No Shadow. There are lots of great film makers and indie films that come from here plus countless others that have been shot here. A guilty pleasure of mine is the film Anchor Zone which was this wonky sci-fi action film from 1994 with some actual great local entertainers but it definitely had a cheesy quality to it. A lot of the attention of bigger productions wanting to film here has to do with the vast untouched and scenic wilderness.

In the case of The Mummering from Grind Mind we get no beautiful scenery or any of that jazz thankfully. I love this island like the next proud Newfoundlander from here but this is nasty, dark and scary horror we want, not a nature piece. The Mummering does take on the age old tradition of mummering which is an actual tradition. Mummering was an event during Christmas. People would dress up in funny looking attire usually hiding their faces with hoods and visit different homes, usually of someone they generally knew especially in smaller towns.

As a child I experienced mummering at my Aunts house in the small sea side community of Grand Bank where I was born, it was usually a happy and entertaining affair with dancing, music and ending with the people of the house guessing who the mummers were. It was a pretty big thing here, so big at one time that there was a traditional Newfoundland song written about it which you will still hear on local radio stations and tv channels during the holidays.

The fact that Grind Mind Productions made a short horror film about this is brilliant and I loved it. They even used the popular phrase "- any mummers loud in?" which is what is said when a mummer knocks on your door. In this case the mummers are not friendly and are in fact a murderous brood stalking the friends residing at a cabin in the woods. This scenario has been done to death I agree but the mummer idea is nothing short of amazing, people from Newfoundland need to support this film to death. It also contains some nasty gory violence which I was not expecting at all so this was also a bonus.

The story begins with a couple bickering with each other as they make their way to their friends cabin over Christmas. Once they arrive more bickering ensues between the group until a knock at the door. The door is answered and a hooded figure appears asking "any mummers loud in". The group quickly refuse and call the authorities but even the police can't stop this clan of night stalkers. Soon the group must fight for their life as the hooded creepers move in.

It's a 14 minute low budget indie short but I felt the acting was decent for this caliber of production. It's not genius but convincing enough and even tongue in cheek which works here. I enjoyed the film overall just for how it plays out, great energy and some generally scary and quirky moments plus a great musical score with a cool retro vibe. It's an effective horror tale with some great charm. Check out the short on YouTube and check out other stuff Grind Mind have available on YouTube. I'd love to see this turned into a full length feature. I mean if something like 'The Strangers' can do it why can't we have Mummers stalking some prey, I'd love to see it and would pay to watch it, count me in.

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My rating: 4 out of 5


Produced by: Wallen Bros Co
Cinematography by: Shane Mills
Editing by: Shane Mills
Special Effects by: Justin Wiseman
Music by: John Carter
Language: English
Color: Color

Distributor: Grind Mind Productions


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