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fredag 15 juni 2018


Artist: Sopor Aeternus
Released: 2018-02-08
Style: Darkwave | Electro
Runtime: 75:37

Sopor Aeternus is a German genre-overall Modern Classical Darkwave / Neo Folk one-man-project by singer and multi-instrumentalist Anna-Varney Cantodea. She started her career in the early 1980s with the goth & industry-scene and has been in a number of projects over the years, but Sopor Aeternus, which she started with Holger in 1989, became a solo project where she took advantage to her loneliness which is a constantly recurring theme in her music, as well as death along with depression, suicide and gender norms.

What has always been astonished is that Sopor Aeternus has a very wide fan base, not to mention her Spanish fans, and each kind of merchandise she drops sells out in just a few minutes and increases in value for each day on Discogs and eBay, but I rarely meet someone who talks about her in person or even knows about who she is, and maybe that's because You always listen to Sopor in solitude, and if you are familiar with the feelings the music actually brings to you, it's much easier to keep it for yourself.

I'm not ashamed to say so, but there have been moments in life where Annas music has saved my life several times. It tells one that you're not alone in being mentally ill with depression and anxiety and you get such a clear connection with the content - that's why I like her music and lyrical aspects so much.

The Spiral Sacrifice was released earlier this year and it's Sopor Aeternus's 17th full length album. It has been four years since her latest album and I think she got a little trouble with her fundraising, but I'm really glad it's finally released. What actually stands out with this one is that she has collected all her different styles from her active years in a single masterpiece. While her last two albums 'Poetica' and 'Mitternacht', whom I considered to be mediocre and boring, she's finally back on track where I love her the most, where she dares to take out the turns and experiment extraordinarily.

You can hear inspirations from previous great favorites such as 'Voyager', 'Where The Dead Birds Sing', 'Les Fleurs Du Mal' and 'Children of the Corn' and as usual she uses a variety of instruments, such as wind instruments, different sorts of flutes, guitars and strings. In some cases, there are also synthesizers, drum machines and real organic drums in the mix.

A special thing as you may have noticed with Sopor Aeternus is that she likes to bring her earlier compositions with her new products. As in the song 'At Sunset through the Fields aflame' you'll hear the melody of 'Feralia Genitalia' from her album 'Voyager - The Jugglers Of Jusa' (1997) - It's 20 years between them and that's such a recurring thing that Anna likes to work with. Such similarities are found in almost all her albums - she ties her produces that way and makes it as a sort of her own identity.

Another thing to point out is the extremely dark humor that hides behind her serious lyrics. This is something that I began to think of when I first listened to my absolute favorite EP album 'A Strange Thing 2 Say'. But there is a lot of satire and hidden messages in her poetic way of expressing herself, and that's one of the most fun challenges to try to find these small pieces. Enjoy!

I don't like going into the depths when we're talking about music, it's a personal experience and I accept that people have different tastes, but if you like baroque themes bound to mysticism, sensitive relationships and gender norms, loneliness and classical music mixed with depression and suffering, Sopor Aeternus is one of the better artists in the subject, and something that I appreciate with The Spiral Sacrifice is that there are enough wind instruments to warm a young man's heart. Welcome back Anna, I've missed you!


Anna-Varney Contodea - Everything

Label: Fantotal
Country: Germany



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