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fredag 8 juni 2018


Artist: Shocking Asia
Released: 2017-03-01
Style: Crust Punk | Grindcore | Hardcore | Thrash Metal
Runtime: 09:36

Filthy madman Vin "Bon Scott" Price is a freelance artist and producer from Australia. For a long time he has been producing various instrumental beats in Horrorcore and Death Rap industry around the world. Now he wanna creat music by his own and Shocking Asia is his new one-man Thrashy Hardcore/Grindcore Crust Punk Metal project.

This has cross-cutting mixes between different styles and lyrical themes which brings us to cult movies and the celebrating of the occult. Hate-driven and anarchistic vibes just to provoke and not care about the society's thoughts and tastes. Maybe a new type of GG Allin, raw tough punk style with excrement and bodily fluids?

It's quite obvious that this project takes inspiration from different cult movies and that's nothing new. We already got such bands as Gore Obsessed, Offal, Frightmare and Horrific to name a few. The band name Shocking Asia comes from Rolf "Emerson Fox" Olsen's infamous Mondo Documentary with the same name from 1976, a movie which lists the various shocking Asian cultures. And not to forget the title of this EP - does it tell you something? Exactly, The Obsolete Man is the title of the 65 episode of American anthology TV-serie Twilight Zone with Burgess Mederith in the role as 'Romney Wordsworth'. It's a quite politically twist in it all and I don't know if Scott contradicts himself when he thinks Shocking Asia is about "No veganism... no politics... and no religion". What I mean is that all the inspiration points to the opposites of his view, but I might overanalyze it a little too much.

Its music then? The Obsolete Man is a aggressive five-track straight to the point EP with a touch of rough Old School Hardcore punk in between. We are talking about low-fi, no over-the-top production, no technical guitars or drums, just the old garage-punk way and much of it is recorded live. It sounds like real shit to be honest and that's what I like with it - Simpel uncontrived back to basics catchy metal riffs and grinding drum beats. Music is about honesty and heart, and you feel that true punk-veins heating over in the music of Asian Shock.

As usual when it comes to such music of this sort there are very short songs, and the total runtime points to just over nine minutes. I think that's enough - you don't need more because your ears will be raped up to five times during this short journey. And if you haven't had enough, then just press repeat and get ear-raped once more.

Shocking Asia is about to release his first full length album in a moment. Till then you can check out his EP and what he's working with outside of Asian Shock at:


Bon Scott - Everything

Label: Independent
Country: Australia



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