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fredag 29 juni 2018

RAW (2016)

Directed by: Julia Ducournau
Written by: Julia Ducournau
Stars:  Garance Marillier, Ella Rumpf, Rabah Nait Oufella... read more

Country: France
Style: Drama
Runtime: 1h 39min

Went in to it with no knowledge of this movie what so ever, it reached up to some of my demands, all though some things went in the backseat of storytelling..

So the factor of this one is somewhat misunderstood (I misunderstood!). Directed and written by the same woman (Julia Ducournau), that sadly missed the mark - well she got the marks on the wrong places, according to me. Or possibly (Don't know) it got wrong with wrong people and the translation (French - Eng subtitles).. Or just wanted to present it in this way from the start.. It's kind of being portrayed as a thriller drama, or as a horror, or as just a simple romantic drama (depending on scenes). And yes - if I would read this for myself I would think that this says and gives loads of confusion, but in this case you would understand what I mean by that!

This lovely french movie is about (in a way) the introduction of a sorority, and/or sisterhood that is larger then most lives. ( ;-) )

Okay, so there are these two sisters (Garance Marillier & Ella Rumpf), one of them is already in the top of the hierarchy at this shool, the new one is a vegetarian (I know), and she's going threw the whole "getting to know all the ways to exist at this particular school".. And I have to say that goes rapidly fast to a meat eating stage..? We are talking about eating a raw chicken fillet i the middle of the first night. Especially since their family have been vegetarians for years, and the daughters have been ones themselves since they where born..

And then we get to the fact of how "some" should be hazed, and "some" that see the whole butcher sorority as "cruel" - well that's life for ya'!

Beautiful framing and color work on it, I don't think many can deny it! Had to make that as a fact because, since I've seen so many other movies done in a much more B-level quality - getting a praise.

But besides those awqward head scratches.. They go to clubs and do all kinds of drugs, and no one ask's what drug does what, just pick up one in random - so it's all kinds off gamble.. And then again there is a romantic story in the making, that's not obvious..

It's well acted, well produced in most ways, but unfortunately to little focus on the dialogues, way to much background stories missing, especially between the two sisters - the most important relationship in this cannibal story(?)

Have to address the sound tracking team - what ever you did, you did it so flippin' well! So really - Watch it, it's worth it, you'll be surprised!

My rating: 3 out of 5


Produced by: Jean des Forêts, Julie Gayet... read more
Cinematography by: Ruben Impens
Editing by: Jean-Christophe Bouzy
Special Effects by: Olivier Afonso, Karine Atalla... read more
Music by: Jim Williams
Language: French
Color: Color

Distributor: Focus World


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