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söndag 10 juni 2018


Artist: Longhouse
Released: 2017-04-14
Style: Doom Metal
Runtime: 38:55

Right out the gate let me say that I heard these guys compared to Mastodon and not that it's a bad thing but these guys really bring their own depth of heavy gut wrenching down tuned mastery with this release. More great music coming out of Canada and virtually unknown to the masses unless you take the road less traveled, open your eyes and go looking for yourself.

This three piece really delivers on these 5 tracks of blistering and heavy doom entrenched melody. I didn't know what to expect from Longhouse but goddamn I'm glad I gave it a listen and I'm happy to say I'm converted. This material is more underground and has a much heavier sound than I anticipated.

Lots of atmosphere on here and even though the music is classified as doom metal it is tight as a tiger and highly energetic.  It never gets boring and the songs are long enough to really develop some satisfying layers of musicianship.  The vocals are what surprised me the most due to their sheer evil raspiness which reminded me of similar styles used in black metal.  On the fifth and final song on the release titled "The Vigil" we get another accompanied cleaner vocal style which is used as a double attack providing the listener with more satisfying style to ponder.  I think my favorite song on this is the song "No Name, No Marker" which offers up one of the best brooding melodies I have heard in recent years.

The drums pound to pure perfection while the guitars add a sense of beautiful despair all topped off by a big and bold crisp production.  The Vigil and No Name, No Marker are definitely the stand out songs on this one for me. You can buy this release on Bandcamp for $7 Canadian and its worth every penny. Longhouse just wallow in doom infused ecstasy and do it so well and flawlessly while keeping everything at a decent pace.

Longhouse are a band I believe that should go far with this style of creative doom metal. I hope they stay on this path with keeping up with quality songs similar to II: Vanishing. I am excited to hear more of what they have to offer as this release left me craving more, this shit is the real deal and these guys have come to conquer and not fuck around. Expert musicianship, quality production, haunting melodies and punishing heaviness are what awaits with II: Vanishing.


Marc Casey - Guitar
Josh Cayer - Bass/Vocals
Mike Hache - Drums

Label:  Independent
Country: Canada



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