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söndag 10 juni 2018


Artist: Islandrocks
Released: 2018-01-25
Style: Electro | Prog Rock
Runtime: 71:02

Swedish artist Islandrocks has been active on YouTube the last ten years. At first he used to make heavier cover-versions of classic Nintendo, Sega and computer games in the veins of NESkimos and similar artists that was popular back then. A year later he began to create his own touch of soundtracks from Italian horror- and cultmovie masterpieces such as themes from Cannibal Holocaust, The New York Ripper etc. and that's the beginning of what now, eight years later, became a collective collage named Covering Horrors of the Past, released on January 25 this year.

The hidden shadow behind this onemanproject is the multi-instrumentalist artist Thomas Nyholm. When he began with this project Lucio Fulci was his greatest inspiration for what he has become and Fabio Frizzi's main theme soundtrack for Zombi 2 (1979) was going to be one of the first versions that Thomas reverberated.

When Islandrocks was a newborn project, it was kept very analogous and one of his first recognized recordings sounded much more natural and spontaneous than the more recent digital recordings that have been produced lately. And that's absolutely nothing bad, rather the opposite, because this favors a wider audience and a newer generation.

Thomas manages most styles within the 70-80's themes. According to sources from, among others, Discogs, Bandcamp and such places he experiments with everything from Jazz, Metal, Italian disco to synthpop and prog rock, and the synthesizers is something that's pronounced as early as in his collection album "The Retro Synth Singles Collection" - an album that collects various original synth-tracks from 2008-2017, which he released earlier this year.

To get ready with Islandrocks then, Covering Horrors of the Past is a very fresh challenge now when the world's suffering from an 80's psychosis with various retrospectives of the past and when Synthwave is an exploding music style. We really need more of this era, therefore Islandrocks means a lot for us who love to strive forward into the endless world of cult-film composers and their music, and this will be an obvious source to search on to wider fields and perhaps rediscover earlier geniuses such as Claudio Simonetti, Fabio Frizzi, Riz Ortolani, Walter Rizzati and all our beloved pioneers from the past.

Here we're followed by 20 tracks, including two bonus-tracks with different Jazz/Funk-touches of Francesco De Masi's theme song of The New York Ripper and a compilation track of Fabio Frizzi's soundscape. In addition to junk post-apocalyptic tones and Italian sleazy zombie / cannibal essence, you'll also recognise songs from other classics such as Gary Sales gloomy composition of Joe Giannone's Madman Marz (1980), John Carpenters Halloween (1978) and Mike Oldfield's score to William Friedkin's filming of The Exorcist (1974).

The album has not yet been physically released, but is available through various digital music services, such as Spotify, Amazon and iTunes.


Thomas Nyholm - Everything

Label: Independent
Country: Sweden



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