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torsdag 14 juni 2018


Artist: Infantofil
Released: 2016-10-11
Style: Darkwave | Electro
Runtime: 22:18

Infantofil (english for Infantophilia/Nepiophilia) is a swedish electronic one-man project consolidated by one of the member in the black metal band 'The Third Eye Rapists' which duel with the subject in taking psycedelic drugs and fucking babies. His sub-style of electronic music goes under the term of 'Trance of Death'.

I became kind of interested in this project since I love electro music and have always been searching for different darkwave projects. Infantofil has been around since 2012 and has released two early albums, but in this case it was his latest one 'Konsten Att Våldta Världen' (The Art in Raping the World) who appealed to me the most.

Based on the bestial theme about drugs, pedophilia and cannibalism, the music contains no song nor lyrics, this is instrumental electro music and about of its construction almost consisting of crunchy tones, I would like to believe that this music is best designed along with drug substances and the effect out of that.

What fascinated me the most when I was introduced to this album was the selection of artwork. Do you recognize the man sitting and eating shit? He's name is Wanda La Put and is a 50 year old man who lives an extreme relationship with various paraphilia like Body Modification and S&M. He enjoys eating shit from hospital patients diapers, sucking sperm from used condoms and masturbating to the idea of ​​dying in AIDS. There are long interviews with this absurd person if you would be interested in immersing yourself in him and his life.

Anyway, what separates this album with his previous ones is that it contains a much rougher drive, there are electric guitars pushing on his other electric tones, and this was what I mostly stuck to and as I hope he will continue to add in his forthcoming releases. I would also have liked him to darken the music with some more kind of unpleasant atmosphere, with cruelty, filthness and sound clips of baby mutilations and so on to get that true provocative feeling and let us listener to hate him a bit more.

We live in a time when synthwave music has become popular again, but I find it hard to get in touch with any band that is even similar to Infantofil. I can only find some similarities with artist Sky Wikluh and his soundtrack for Srdjan Spasojevic 'A Serbian Film' (2010), otherwise he has really managed to blow up those evil subjects, with drugs and electric tones in his very own way. There are, of course, horror-related bands such as 'We Are Magonia', 'Glitch Tomb' and 'Neon City Murder' but these artists are not even close to matching Infantofil and his outcome.

I think this album stands out in its own little way, it's crunchy, crazy and not too complicated despite its hard and controversial attitude around its subject. But I really recommend it if you're into electro-driven music and want to feel a hefty dose of vibrating trips.

Anyway, the man behind this constellation also has another electro-project called 'Formless Voyager' that throws us back to the 80's electrical synthwave and reminds us of a past time with its chiptunes, computer games and movie-inspired soundtracks.


P. Psilocin - Everything

Label: Independent
Country: Sweden



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