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söndag 24 juni 2018


Directed by: Alex Wesley
Written by: Alex Wesley
Stars:  Alex Wesley, Viktor Murzikov, Vladislav Krivenchuk... read more

Country: Russia
Style: Extreme | Short
Runtime: 49min

Russian underground film maker Alex Wesley (actually Alexander Sharoglazov) has been on the scene for a while. Scraping up budgets in his homeland to pull off his innovative movies. To underground horror fans Wesley has a number of films under his belt including the impressive 'Zombie Infection' and 'Demon Mind' among others. His latest film Freak In The Basement is close to getting released by Terror Vision Productions in Belgium. Indie film maker Rob Ceus (Slime, Bride Zombie, Zombies From Sector 9) is going to do a run of Freak In The Basement on his label.

Alex Wesley has always managed to get cool cameos in his films by some underground movie greats. With the case of Freak In The Basement he has Joel Reed (Bloodsucking Freaks), Andreas Schnaas (Violent Shit) and Henry Bromley Davenport (Xtro) among others. Freak In The Basement follows a simple yet rather twisted plot especially in the last half of the movie when things really go off the rails into crazy territory. Freak In The Basement begins with a man named Nikolai (Alex Wesley) talking to a psychiatrist. Nikolai begins breaking down the events that have lead to his own madness.

The story of Freak In The Basement begins when Nikolai is renting a garage or storage space to a woman who doesn't cough up her rent. The woman who is obviously out of her mind rubs a substance she is taking herself on Wesley's mouth. Once ingested it causes these crazy euphoric effects on its subjects. The lady tells Nikolai that it is the sweat of a monster she has acquired living in the basement of the garage. Wesley kills the woman and turns into a murderous addict killing to satisfy the monster in his basement who feeds on human flesh to produce the sweat.

The movie then proceeds with Nikolai luring in various victims including his girlfriend who has also become addicted to the sweaty drug. In the last half though everything gets even stranger. A cyborg confronts Wesley and explains that the Freak In The Basement is actually property of a group of aliens on another planet and they have come to collect him.

Freak In The Basement definitely has its own style which is why I appreciate Wesley's work. It's always unique, has this great atmosphere and makes use of some great desolate locations despite the lack of budget. For me his crowning achievement was definitely Zombie Infection just due to the way it was shot and its style. Freak In The Basement boasts some great make up effects work and the actual freak looks absolutely horrifying.

Freak In The Basement does have its downfalls. The budget definitely restricts a lot of elements and it shows. The English subtitles are like the Russian language was put through Google translator as the grammar and structure is poor. If you are familiar with Wesley you will know what to expect from his films. They are very low budget but he achieves some great things with what he has to work with. I commend him on not faltering and continuing to make the movies he wants to make. Freak In The Basement is a fun and entertaining romp with some nice make-up effects work and even some cheesy Ed Wood sci fi thrown in for good measure.

My rating: 3 out of 5


Produced by:  Philip Brocklehurst, Niels Van De Sype, Alex Wesley
Cinematography by: Alex Wesley
Editing by: Alex Wesley
Special Effects by: Efim Mezko, Pavel Voda, Alex Wesley
Music by: Vladislav Nogin
Language: Russian
Color: Color

DistributorTerrorVisions Productions


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