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torsdag 7 juni 2018


Artist: Epi-Demic
Released: 2017-04-14
Style: Hardcore | Thrash Metal
Runtime: 29:58

A much needed thrash attack to these ears is what is contained on these 11 tracks of stripped down bare bones back to basics material on Malformed Conscience.  I personally haven't listened to much thrash in the last few years but once in awhile I find myself listening to Sacrifice or early Slayer.  Epi-Demic deliver this sophomore full length following up a split release in 2010 with the band Solanum.  They started in 2005 and released a demo in 2006 titled The Plague Begins and then a full length in 2010 simply called Madness.  

I love their no bullshit approach and how they go for the juggler on each of the eleven songs but still managed to switch things up a bit especially on the song Ruthless Ambition, I love the intro to this one with the punk/hardcore style bass line and moshing mid tempo arrangement.  The crushing punk/hardcore influenced tracks Famine and Breaking Your Mind are other definite stand outs on this album as well, its just relentless, never lets up with its bludgeoning aggression.  Epi-Demic definitely remind me of that crossover style thrash as well reminiscent of stuff like D.R.I.Vio-lenceNuclear Assault and S.O.D.

The blistering tempo is nonstop on this one, 11 tracks shoved down your fucking throat as no punches are pulled.  The vocals are similar to early D.R.I. but delivered faster and much angrier, we get those snarly shouting style rants.  tight guitar workmanship, plenty of different intricate riffs, fast time changes and there is a nice mix overall.  The drumming is tight and I love the machine gun snap of the snare plus some great fast parts and nice breakdowns.

The band is also heavily influenced by old school punk material such as Broken Bones and Cro-Mags which you can clearly hear in their delivery.  Malformed Conscience is a solid and raw thrash album to bang your head and open your wallet for.  Thrash is alive and well in Canada.


Kyle H.- vocals, bass
Aaron - Vocals, Drums
Adam H. - Vocals, guitars

Label: Horror Pain Gore Death Productions
Country: Canada



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