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lördag 16 juni 2018


Artist: Displeased Disfigurement
Released: 2017-06-09
Style: Brutal Death Metal
Runtime: 35:55

Groovy Death Slam Grind is alive and well in South Africa as these purveyors of ear bleeding pain storm out the gates of gore with their recent offering. Following their release Extermination process we see the Displeased crew really laying down some thick groove guitar work and those cans never stop blasting and bludgeoning you over the head throughout the Origin Of Abhorrence. Some members in Displeased are also in another band called 'Bleeding Spawn' who are also equally impressive.

This is a solid slam release which just oozes the brutality, quick time changes and those absolutely guttural gurgling vocals with some high pitched vocal work thrown in for good measure, a style which defines the genre. Impressive, tight and concise from start to finish this is a release you'll come back to for multiple listens, it completely shreds everything to pieces. Crisp production, I especially love the snap of those drums, reminds me of Cattle Decapitation and the style on this record reminds me of Amputated particularly the album Gargling With Infected Semen.

This is a blasting, unrelenting and nasty record that sees the band getting into more technical territory as opposed to more of the goregrind offering of Extermination Process. Double kicks galore, blast beats permeating throughout, its definitely one of the more impressive slam offerings I've had the pleasure of listening to. Displeased do manage to slow down once in awhile for a little groove mixed in with the brutality but they keep forcing their musical butchery down your throat for most of the songs.

Available now digitally on bandcamp or pick up the disc for $10 at . While your there you can get their debut album Extermination Process on bandcamp for free so its a win win and you'll be grinding the night away with tons of great music. With Origin Of Abhorrence Displeased Disfigurement are bringing pure groove grinding death/slam to the top of the genre.


Darius Wilken - guitars, vocals
Dominic Vorster - bass, vocals
Riaan Ondier Els - drums
Mitch Wilken - guitars

Label: CDN Records
Country: South Africa



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