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måndag 25 juni 2018


Artist: Death Tyrant
Released: 2013-03-19
Style: Black Metal | Death Metal
Runtime: 44:44

Opus de Tyranis belongs to one of the very few albums that comes back at least twice a year in my playlist. It adds a real energy that lasts the rest of the day. A full-fledged melodic journey, worth putting the claws to at least once - to never let it leave your mind. Its structure of atmosphere is outstanding and unbeatable.

When drummer Micke Backelin from Lord Belial suffered a hearing problem in 2008, the brothers decided to pause the band. Thomas and Andreas Backelin started a new project to work with together with brother Joakim and Dennis Antonsson. It became the melodic black / death metal band 'Death Tyrant' and in 2010, the band released 'The Dark Abyss' - a four-track promo EP with Thomas Backelin on song.

After a long period of silence, more specifically three years, Death Tyrant returned to Armageddon Recordings with their debuting full-length 'Opus de Tyranis', this time with Daniel Bornstrand on vocals. It would sound like a winning nuclear bomb and blow away all other melodic black / deaths on the Swedish market, that's what I thought and hoped for at least, but unfortunately it was hidden behind darkness. It is completely incomprehensible and a bit sad how excused and forgotten this album really is.

Thomas Backelin (Vassago, Lord Belial) has written all the songs except from 'A Greater Alliance' - whose lyric are written by Daniel Bornstrand, and everything feels like a continuation of former Lord Belial. The entire sound image is the same, and even the logotype created by artist Christophe "Volvox" Szpajdel shows some sort of recreation. It features long, handsome and melodic guitar solos and Daniel Bornstrand debuts with the song which stabilizes in a real dynamic stance. The drums, performed by Joakim Antonsson, are really triggered and keep an technical run and it turns on very well.

Why I'm writing about a forgotten gem like this one, is just because I don't want it to be forgotten. Yes, Death Tyrant was a very short-lived project and they didn't release anything more after Opus, but it's an album that really stands out of the amount of Nordic melodic black metal.  It contains nine tracks that connect each other with pure perfection. Every title follows the right order and all songs have something very own and good - There isn't a single bad song on this album.

Death Tyrant will remain history, as much as Lord Belial. None of them will be reunited, so we need to take advantage of what already exists.

Ixion - The Fallen King of the Lapiths


Bloodlord - Bass
Joakim Antonsson - Drums
Dennis Antonsson - Guitars (rhythm)
Dark - Guitars, Vocals, Lyrics, Songwriting
Nárgraðr Agartha - Vocals

Label: Non Serviam Records.
Country: Sweden


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