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onsdag 13 juni 2018


Directed by: Cecil Howard
Written by: Bert Goodman, Anne Randall, Straw Weisman
Stars:  David John, Brad Friedman, Ruth Collins... read more

Country: USA
Style: Drama | Thriller
Runtime: 1h 42min
This is some prime gritty grade-z grind house trash right here. The intro is intriguing and brings forth images of stuff like Combat Shock. We get a grizzled Vietnam veteran John (played by David John) spilling his guts on his experiences in Nam and how the world has shaped up to be just as worse as a war zone. John lives in a seedy apartment with his stripper girlfriend who doesn't understand his past involvement in the war and the trauma he is still trying to cope with.

John works as a janitor in a high rise office building. He visits his other veteran buddy who is a security guard there but he is usually asleep or passed out. One day in an art publisher/dealers office in that same building a young man going by the name of Buzz attempts to show his art to the dealer. Buzz is humiliated and laughed out of the office by the dealer and the dumb whore he just hired for her looks and bodily assets.

We are then introduced to one of Buzz's friends named Goose. Goose is this sick cross dressing punk who ties up his religious mother who seems to be just as wacked as he is. Goose meets up with Buzz and their other friend Jo Jo. The night before Buzz attacked the whore the art dealer hired while they were out on a date and raped her in an elevator. The temptress is played by Delia Sheppard who graced many soft core straight to video productions in the nineties such as Animal Instincts and Mirror Images.

The group of three punks make a plan to invade the high rise and rob the different offices. Goose is in it for the money but Buzz hand picked the building just for revenge against the people who laughed at him. Of course a whole bunch of other innocent people suffer along the way. I was really hoping that John was going to step in and kick some ass at one point as he is in the building working while this shit is going on. John attempts to stop the gang but ends up getting hurt on numerous occasions resulting in accomplishing nothing which I thought was a strange and bizarre angle here. Many more people suffer at the gangs hands including John.

Lots of nasty nihilistic violence, not much graphic gore effects but gunshot hits, rape and savage beatings. Dead Boyz Can't Fly is no masterpiece but its a cool blip on the early nineties gritty grind house style of cinema re-visioning. The main stars are basically the gang and they just attack the different inhabitants of the offices doing what they please. Jo Jo is the weakest of the gang as he doesn't want any involvement in killing. In one memorable and ridiculous scene he does pose as a doctor getting an attractive female patient to disrobe.

Dead Boyz Can't Fly is a nonsensical mess and it could definitely be a bit shorter because it drags. I do enjoy the siege style plot but it really needs more meat on its bones to get into more interesting territory. The acting performances are sub par and the story occasionally shifts to a couple of cops who are on the trail of Buzz whom they only know as the yo yo man because he does yo yo tricks. The cops are made into annoying, obnoxious and pompous characters on purpose I'm guessing. One of the cops who goes by the nick name Mad Dog is a familiar character actor named Marc Macaulay who has had roles in The Punisher (2004), Monster, Dexter, Prison Break, Passenger 57 and a slew more. The cops are on the trail of Buzz but predictably don't get to him until the conclusion of the film.

In the climax John is shot around 4 or 5 times, still survives and buzz tries to pull some sneaky shit but fortunately karma rears its head and rights the wrong. Dead Boyz Can't Fly is also the only movie where I've seen a guy get his throat slit and still survive. I'm guessing John's old army knife was dull as fuck and didn't do the trick. Dead Boyz Can't Fly is on VHS and hasn't received a DVD or blu ray release to my knowledge. Its definitely a trash gem you'll want to seek out. Its entertaining enough if you like your movies sleazy, violent and seedy.

My rating: 3 out of 5


Produced by:  Cecil Howard
Cinematography by: Feliks Parnell
Editing by: Richard Dama, John Donaldson, Dow McKeever
Special Effects by: Stephanie Iannarone, Dean Mercil
Music by: Rich Sanders
Language: English
Color: Color

Distributor: Europa Carat


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