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fredag 8 juni 2018


Artist: Butchers Harem
Released: 2017-06-14
Style: Horrorcore
Runtime: 69:40

The founder of Butchers Harem is signed in names of MC Bushpig and MC Cumblood, but the story is written in cum and shit far beyond that. To proceed with this post, we can start by searching us back to MC Bushpig's past multiple-projects and the Australian label Shitwank focused on extreme Speed-, Noise- and Shitcore. A record label from the early 2000's that releases self-produced and vulgar music which they mostly manufacture by themselves - Two of their most famous projects has to be 'Rancid Shit Wank' and 'Passenger Of Shit' to name a few.

Butchers Harem, on the other hand, came to be born of an early interest in hip-hop, experimental and electronic music, and MC Bushpig's "Suicidal Rap Orgy" and "Wank of Death" must have been the starting point for what soon became one of Australia's most obscene hip hop artists. Even though Insane Clown Posse happens to be the biggest pioneer in the Horrorcore act, with many followers and inspectors over the years, as their successor like Cage, Necro and Kidd Crusher, we don't want to believe that any of the appointed greats is as experimental, metallic, poetic and aggressive as MC Bushpig happens to be.

In 2011 Butchers Harem released their first album "Snuff Porn Gore" with tracks produced between 2007 and 2011. And to compare that product with their hit from last year, is like trying to equate an unsightly knife with a cylindrical grater. These are two completely different productions at all levels. Unlike their previous debut, "Erotic Stories Written In Blood" is significantly slower, but it makes it more rough- and its seriousness come forth more clearly than before. It's a bit more industrial with lots of trip-hop parts as well, and the lyrics are a bit more carefully done, as well as the production in whole.

In some of the songs, they collaborate with an artist called TOECUTTA (R.I.P 1981 - 2017), which was of major importance, especially for the Gore- and Horrorcore industries. But once again, we do also see a damn nice collaboration with Jimmy (ScreamerClauz) Klaus and his musicvideo for the song "SNUFF PORN HOLOCAUST". ScreamerClauz is mostly known for his own productions Where the Dead Go to Die (2012) and When Black Birds Fly (2015), but also by his collaboration with David Firth (Salad Fingers), Cool 3D World and the artist/director Flying Lotus in the movie Kuso (2017), that's a really underestimated and freaked out movie which we really recommend to you who have a penchant for bodily excrement.

The reason why this band has never been discussed is probably a matter of choice. Partly because they are not looking for attention - they just like to stay out from a wider audience and gets into sloppy industrial areas and darker clubs where they can perform their obscure activities without provoking the mediocre and boring man - and that's exactly where we think they belong. It is just in such environments that this will be fun to discover its property and elegance - Obscene Extreme Festival - to name such a place for example; Perfect!

We really recommend this album if you like your hiphop a bit duller and bloodier with an aggressive deathrap-touch, it's not a full-score we're talking about, but unlike their debut album, this one has a much more beautiful production and you are tempted to listen to it several times. It definitely grows over time.

The album was released via their own label Butchers Harem Productions, both on CD- and digital services at Bandcamp.


MC Bushpig
MC Cumblood

Country: Australia



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